100 Days to go : candid intro & intimate thoughts about 100 Layers

What in the world made us embark on such an adventure?

I met Peter Ross Voigt in a Tantra Workshop he held in San Juan , PR in 2009. It was not until February 2012 that we really connected as partners. At that time, we went together to a shamanic ceremony from which 100 Layers From God was born. It was being revealed to Peter as my voice was being returned to me, after several years.  He was channeling a Vision, showing a different approach to his work, as I was channeling the depths of my own voice through mantra chanting:

Sal… Sal… Sal… Sal… (Gigi VJ, D’Kuna)
Que El Eterno Sol te Ilumine… (Kundalini Mantra)

(May the Longtime Sun Shine Upon You…)

Without knowing in the moment, we started our work together.

But, what in the world made us embark on such an adventure?

Why Tantra? Why Shamanism? Why Baha’i? Why strive so hard? Why bothering?

 For most people, life is just a string of events creating a thread to endure the daily survival of life. This is automatic living.

For some others, life is a playground. An opportunity to rise up every single day under the light of opportunity and possibility. These people seek a meaning beyond what they are being told by the outside world. These who deep inside know there’s something more to life. These are the ones who look, or want to look, inwards in order to find the answers to the very core of their existence.

We say there are 100 Layers separating us -as human beings- from the point we are now, vs the point we yearn to be. (Layers of stress, anxiety, anger, pain, guilt, shame, sadness, frustration, apathy, loneliness, competition… FEAR.)

We claim it is our birthright to live a rich full life, with feeling and meaning.

Peter and I have been practicing in this playground, using Tantra, with its approach to a sacred relationship. First individually, then together, finally, with our creative Source (God). This has been a beautiful answer for both of us.

Also Shamanism, with its direct approach to Nature and its healing powers has been part of the answer.

The final piece of the puzzle, Peter has found, blending the ancient wisdom of the past with a new vision for the future is Baha’i, with its universal approach to all ways of faith around the globe.

We have found a way to live a fulfilling life according to the present times, and we want to share that which we have found with those who can also feel this call.

But, truuuuuuly, what in the world made us embark in such an adventure?

And I speak for myself now… What made me embark in such an adventure?

It was FEAR.

Fear of my own voice, fear of not being heard, fear of my loved ones feeling unsettled or threatened by the things I dare to say through this work, fear of competition, fear of rejection, fear of my cat to have a fleas infection, fear of my dreams, fear, fear, fear… Oh yes, Mr. Fear, the one who knows how to knock on your door consistently, persistently, intensely.

It was in the middle of sorrow that LOVE came to me“… La Mamma Morta, María Callas and Umberto Giordano.

All I needed to do was to find myself face to face to Mr. Fear, the one we’ve been living with for many years now, and realize that that which we resist is what persists.

So, here I am, with so much to say. Swan diving forward. Loving every single reminder as we walk this path. Knowing these are the times for us to dare to live our destinies. It is not about fear anymore, is about feeding the Love that comes from doing what we are supposed to do. Is about facing the fear and doing exactly that very thing that scares us the most. Is about combustion. Is about accepting that we have a part to play in the great web of life. Is about Love. Unconditional Love.

Our universe is vast, and tolerant, acceptance, opening, respectful of each others point of views, personal experiences and paths. That is what we aim for when speaking of Tantra, Shamanism, and Baha’i teachings.

We, just like you, have been finding our ways as we walk this path. And what we are sharing comes from our life experience. We are not different from you, and we welcome you to embark yourself on this journey along with us.

If you feel the call, if you understand your inner atmosphere is ready, then please join us.

100 days to go.

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