12/12/12 : 9 days to go

This is probably the last repetitive date that most of us will experience              in our life on earth.

In the last decade, we have become accustom to this special occurrence and by now may take it for granted. The next time we will see such a date (in the Gregorian calendar) will be January 1, 2101. In just over 88 years.

So what is the big deal?

True, it is just numbers and some will argue that they are all arbitrary. But we say that everything in this world is a reflection of a greater reality that exists beyond what we can see with our eyes and feel with our senses. This is the world of Spirit that exists all around us and within us. It is where we come from and where we go when we depart (die). According to the prophets, saints and ascended masters, the world of Spirit is more real than the material world we call home. They also say that the Spirit realm is more beautiful than we can imagine, filled with divine perfection and complete justice.

Most, if not all, religions and Spiritual teachings have a creation story to explain the past and prophecies to foretell the future. As a young man, I spent some time studying the teachings and prophecies of many traditions. I was struck by how similar the future world view is.

Virtually every teaching speaks of a time in our future when the physical world – our planet Earth – will be a perfect reflection of the divine beauty found in the Spirit world. Christianity, Judaism and Islam all know this time as The Kingdom of God. Jesus even spoke of it in The Lord’s Prayer: “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on Earth as it is in heaven”.

Buddhism and Hinduism recognize this divine time as the Satya Yuga (Era of Truth) or Golden Age.  The Hopi and Baha’i Teachings call it The Most Great Peace.

Also found in the prophecies are how we will recognize the time when it is about to come AND how to prepare for it. You see, in addition to foretelling this great time of peace and spiritual harmony, all of the great traditions also speak of a time of transition from the old age to the new. Some conjure images of fear and destruction (the Apocalypse) while others like the Hopi are more hopeful, calling it the “Purification”.

If you can accept the premise of the Gaia Theory, that the Earth is a self regulating organism, which roughly mirrors the human body, then you can understand how when we accumulate too many toxins and reach a state of imbalance, the body will eventually purge the toxins to regain a state of balance. Often it is a relatively violent or painful process, like vomiting or fever.

Without going into all of the beautiful details, I can tell you that each of the worlds religions and spiritual teachings foretell of such a time of purification and then physical and spiritual renewal. If you look at only one such tradition, such as the bible or the Mayan teachings, you get a limited view that is easily discounted. But when you see all of the various teachings, side by side, a great pattern develops where you can see the interconnectedness of all peoples throughout all time.

In 100 Layers from God, we are living our lives as if this is all “True”.

So now I ask you: What if it is true?

What if it really is the end of a 6,000 year of civilization? What if it really is the beginning of a new age of peace & harmony? What if we really are about to go through a period of transition that could change the world entirely?

Wouldn’t  you want to prepare? At least a little?

Therein lies the significance of 12/12/12.

9 days before the end of the cycle, it is said that this is the last major gateway or portal. It is said that on this day, our earthy dimension will receive great blessings and bounties from the realm of Spirit. We will be sent healing energy to strengthen and prepare ourselves for the great days to come, among other things.

All you need to do is to be open to it. “Ask and ye shall receive”.

This is a great day to pray and meditate.  A great time to seek answers and direction for yourself, your life and others who may depend on you.

If you would like to meditate with us, we will begin our meditations at 11:11am Puerto Rico time (10:11am Eastern Time), and continue throughout the day. So if you are in meditation at 12:12pm, wherever you are, we will be meditating together as one, with all of the countless others all around the planet.


Please write us about your experience, and let us know of any insights, openings, miracles or breakthroughs you have.


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