43 days to go: The Last Straw

At what point does one give up on a dream?

When should one stop doing the work that is ones calling in life?

a) The easy answer comes from the gut. It comes from the spirit: NEVER!  Our soul has the ability to recognize and fight for that which gives it life and power.

But our world is not one of easy answers, nor does it often support (or even value) the call of Spirit.  Unless, of course, that call happens to make lots of money. Then there is a perceived value.

But there are other answers that must also be considered. As long as we live in this world, we must live with its reality.

b) When things get so difficult that it is no longer enjoyable. Nothing worthwhile ever comes without some struggle and suffering. Learning any skill, such as music, sports or art requires practice. There are times in every practice that are not necessarily fun or enjoyable. The question for this answer then is: How bad do you want it?

c) When that work does not generate the income to pay the bills. In this world, the bills must be paid, one way or another. The wisdom of the ages recognize the workings of spirit: “That the moment that one definitely commits ones self, then Providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred” GOETHE

d) When the pursuit of the dream causes suffering to others. This is, perhaps, the most compelling reason to let go of the things that are held so dear in the heart. We don’t want to be selfish. We don’t want to cause others pain or suffering. Yet it happens. Often the pursuit of a dream will disrupt the status quo. Not only in the life of the pursuer, but the lives of those close to him or her. This can be a difficult and painful process to go through – for all parties – especially if those suffering do not understand the dream, or its significance.

The justification for this one is that everyones life will be improved with the fulfillment of the dream. Not just in the tangible results it may bring (such as money or freedom) but even in the act of pursuing something greater. Not settling for something that does not inspire invigorates the spirit of all. It helps to raise us all up a notch, and gives  hope that we can achieve more than just a life of struggle, survival and complacency.

That is the justification. But the question remains.

How long does one pursue something that causes pain & suffering to others?

 To be continued…



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