46 Days To Go: Nesting…

November 2012 already. Processes quicken. These are accelerated times.

Since Saturday, Peter and I have taken to the road, heading home, looking for some family warmth in preparation for what comes next. As you have seen, we are writing now every other day. And as you all may have been experiencing, life is happening, natural cycles, long void-of-course periods. To make it through these intense and challenging times, we are calling on the love and support  of family and friends.

Peters’ workload has kept him from posting recently, but he will certainly return soon.

In the meantime, we will stay connected with you through meditation, practice (sadhana), and, chanting. We ask for your support, since from now on we will write, but not daily. These days call for moments of deep connection (with Earth, elements, self, each other, Creator), contemplation and silence. We invite you to do the same. This last week went by with a premium on emotional issues and November premise will have an emphasis on security and survival concerns.

Stay put dears by honoring the cozy feeling of our own nests.

We have the power all along.

~~ Inspired by Japa Kaur, Kundalini Yoga, Spirit Voyage’s Horoscope.

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