51 Days To Go: Inspired by Rebirthing Breath

An extract from a rebirthing experience…

We as human beings possess our cerebral memory, and also our cellular memory, which is distributed amongst the body’s cells, tissues, organs, etc. Since the very beginning of our existence, we have been granted with the power of choosing what’s to be lived. Could this be possible? The specific nature of certain traumas in our lives, connecting with the moment of our birth, have a deep effect on one’s psyche and shapes one’s perception and experience of life, self, and the world in ways of which one is mostly unaware. It is believed that these decisions operate subconsciously and may be enacted repeatedly throughout a person’s life until the decision is recognized and changed.

Those who have practiced rebirthing-breath-work can testify a greater insight into their human condition and the purpose of their existence, a greater sense of their personal relevance to the world.

Today we take a brief look at a specific moment, our own mirror, before being born. Although is important for us to be honest with the questions that you may be confronted with, which are related to this breath-work known as rebirthing.

Can you picture yourself before being born? A fetus curled up in your mothers womb.

Can you picture yourself before being conceived?

What image will serve you to imagine yourself as a soul without body?

There’s no time and space. You are lingering, hovering as a Light Being, knowing, in the realm of an expanded consciousness, that there are processes to be completed. Knowing your potential will be manifested in a physical plane. If trusting your inner guidance, you’ll be taken care of in divine ways.

Relax and be aware that what you are choosing from now on is because you are ready to take on the challenges of what’s to come next. You are ready. The energy has been created, time is correct. You are ready to experiment yourself with a new body, a new reality. From now on, your experiences will correspond to your life as your creation.

You are been born in a time and place of great transition. Can you feel the excitement? You will be a part of the Birth of a New Era for Humanity. A time of greater changes, of greater possibilities. Realize you have a part to play in this transition and if you open yourself to connect internally, you’ll be helping the global shift to happen organically.

You will choose the circumstances that will support you the most for the next step. This won’t be neccesary the easier road but the one that will guarantee your greater evolution in life. The one that will guarantee the completion of your journey.

Imagine yourself approaching Earth. Feel the Love that you are. Your true connection.

You have chosen the right circumstances, you are ready to take on your body and commit yourself to this new life. There was a purpose for which you decided to come, allow yourself to connect with that. Open yourself to your ancient memory to rediscover why are you here.

Why are you here?

Listen to your inner voice, the answer lies within yourself.

Relax and rest in the utter truth that everything manifested in your experience is a result of your prior decision to complete your journey. Feel the love that you ARE. It is possible to heal all of your wounds. Just reconnect again with your purpose, and discover why you have lived your circumstances.

You can be your own medicine, simply by being what you already are: LOVE.

Inspired by The Holistic Center for Humanity, INC., and the works of Leonard Orr and Sondra Ray.

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