59 Days to Go: The Rebel

Zen Tarot Card
Back from a weekend in Paradise and having experienced a plethora of sensations throughout the whole weekend, today I woke up feeling a bit rebellious. My last blog was about Sahasrara and the Medicine of Attachments, and the question was: Why would I choose to live my life according to a cosmic consciousness, when most things I do, and most things I love are in the material plane?

A woman was shown a revelation. As she was seated, she didn’t feel like engaging with the spoken word in a sharing circle. So she remained silent, with eyes closed, crossed legs. What came afterwards was a most profound meditation from which spirit clearly said to her, you need to strengthen your foundation in order for you to be able to raise your consciousness. Otherwise you may end up trying to compensate with spirit what your foundation lacks.

It is different for everyone. And it certainly isn’t about choosing to live one’s life according to a cosmic consciousness over the material plane, but to create a life of self-discovery, with a strong foundation and determination over one’s path. To be the master of one’s own destiny. To tap into one’s power as moving towards their Personal Legend, that’s what her meditation was about.

Earthly attachments are not important, when a human being has reached a state of wholeness, because she or he has embraced and emerged from the formless roots of her or his unconscious past, growing wings to fly into the sky.

Spirit Animal today: Lioness.

Spirit Message today: London.

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