68 Days To Go: Vishudda and the Medicine of Expression

Vishuddha is the fifth primary chakra, of electrifying blue vibration. The sound chakra. Positioned at the neck region near the spine, with its activation point in the pit of the throat. It is related to the element of Ether, and deals with self-expression through the spoken and unspoken word. It governs pure consciousness, inspiration in speech, eloquence, and perception of the archetypal models.

LAYER: How we block our self-expression? What a question. We could point out so many things, but for one, let’s begin with dishonesty in our speech. Lying to others, of course. But even more insidious, lying to ourselves.

Vishuda is all about communication, confession, truthfulness, self-knowledge, synthesis, expression, faith.

Back in September one of our blogs was about True Essence: http://100layers.org/94-days-true-essence/. Today I believe this is closely related to the message conveyed for us to let Vishudda shine. Simple. Elegant.

Dear friends, we cannot lie about our own nature. We must accept that which we are.

The chakra of truth encourages us to attain purification through our communication, first with ourselves, so that truthful communication with others can follow, organically. If we can achieve this with ourselves, our truth to others will flow with ease and grace.

On the other hand, we may encounter people who will not listen what we have to share. Therefore our fifth chakra can be blocked.

How about embracing your element, that place in which you feel at home, in which your self-expression is nurtured?

I’ll speak for myself here. For me it is the way of the artist. Performing my creations is my greatest expression and inspiration, my joy. That’s how I feel “in my truth”. Then comes Yoga, another great love in my life. When practicing, all is well in my world.

If not doing any of these, I can feel my throat chakra shut down and my life appears stagnant.

The solution?

I go back to my element. Like a female wolf runs towards the water, or a wild woman in her truest sense.

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