70 Days To Go: Anahata and the Medicine of Grief

“My heart is green.” That’s the answer my friend always gets when she kisses her little boy good night and asks him what color is this, pointing his chest.

A pure boy whose eyes are a reflection of pure, deep, selfless love. A boy living through the power of the fourth chakra completely opened, Anahata.

Of green vibration, Anahata is considered the air chakra and it is said to be located near the region of the heart, in the central channel behind the spine. It symbolizes the consciousness of love, empathy, selflessness and devotion. In the Anahata vibration, life begins to unfold beyond the laws of Karma, since one begins to make decisions by ‘following the heart’.

LAYER: The blocking layers can be many, but for today, GRIEF.


The heart vibration opens us to experiences, to people, to circumstances, making us feel connected, but what happens when things change? There’s loss, and when there’s loss, there’s grief.  Probably the deepest emotional response to change.

There’s a story about Ananda, the disciple of Gautama Buddha. It is told that when Buddha died, Ananda was still at his side, weeping for himself since his beloved teacher attained eternity through his death, and he was still there. The story says that Ananda stayed awake for the whole night, meditating deeply and feeling his pain and sorrow, for real. By the morning, it is said, he was enlightened.

Times of great grief have the potential to be times of great transformation… If we go deep, to the very roots of our pain, without judging, but accepting.

Can we accept changes as divine gifts? Can we open ourselves to purify the grief of our hearts through the pain itself? Can we lay all our grief out in front of us, when we all have felt great losses? How about trying? We never know. We may realize then that love is a form of energy and it swirls inside and all around us. People, circumstances, pets in our lives may change, but the love in all of us is permanent, eternal, and it never fails to reborn manifested since it should be a reflection of a loving inner atmosphere.

A tip? We can purify our grief by chanting with devotion to heal our hearts. By singing, we could probably end up feeling our hearts of green color… back again.

Inspirations from Osho, Take it Easy, vol.2, chap.12.

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