75 days to go: Vision Quest

Traditionally, a vision quest is a common rite of passage in most native cultures around the world. As such, it can help the transition from childhood (or immaturity) into adulthood (maturity) by helping one to understand who they really are and what their life purpose is. It is also used later in a person’s life. Anytime one feels lost or in need of direction or guidance.

Often it is done in a secluded place, in nature, where one can tap into the powerful forces of the Earth and other elements to help on their quest.

What is sought, is a vision providing answers for some of the core questions of life: Who am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose in life and how can I achieve it?

Ultimately, the source of the answers is the Source of Creation, ie: Creator (or God).

Depending upon the culture and the practice, it can last anywhere from one to four days. It usually includes prayer, fasting and meditation. It is understood, universally, that these are the most powerful ways to go beyond the veil of the material world and gain access to the wisdom and vision of the spirit realm, where the answers to all questions exist. Sometimes the aid of helper plants is also enlisted: Peyote, Mushrooms, Ayahuasca, etc.

“Though the Vision Quest is associated with Native Americans traditions – it is practiced all over the world. As an expression of the archetypal “Hero’s Journey,” the vision quest has been enacted in religious pilgrimages, mythological tales (including the story of the search for the Holy Grail), and our own daily pursuit of truth and purpose. Today, there are companies that sponsor these journeys. They provide a wilderness area in which it is to occur, and they give instructions and guidance before and after the event. It might take a day, a week, a month – whatever is necessary to complete the transformation and get the answer one seeks.” http://www.crystalinks.com/visionquest.html


We are living in an age now, where the wisdom and practices of indigenous cultures are spreading and gaining popularity in modern societies around the world.

This is because we are all spiritual beings, and as we reach the end of the Piscean Age, many souls are awakening to the fact that material life without a strong spiritual connection & purpose is empty, meaningless and ultimately unfulfilling. So they are looking for answers, and this is a way to find answers that has been tried and proven for thousands upon thousands of years.

My personal practice

I have been on many vision quests in my life, beginning as a teenager, over 30 yrs ago. Some guided by Shamans or teachers, but most have been inspired by inner guides: Guardian Angels or Spirit Guides. A few have been up to 4 days, but many are just one or two days. Always I pray & meditate. Sometimes I fast. Sometimes I do an overnight vigil without sleep. Sometimes I work with helper plants. It all depends how I am guided, and what is required. This has become a regular practice in my life.

I have noticed that as we come closer to the end of the cycle, life becomes more intense and my spiritual processes more powerful. It is said that the energy of the earth is “quickening”. This means that the vibrational frequency is raising. As a result, it takes less time to accomplish even greater results. Something that may have taken 4 days in past times can now be achieved in 4 hours – or less, if one is open – and capable of processing great transformations in a short time. That is a skill acquired through years of practice. Or a gift bestowed upon those who are ready.

The calling to guide

Several years ago, during a meditation on Lake Michigan, in Wisconsin. I was called on to guide others through this process.

In fact, I have already been doing that for many years, in a way, with my healing work. In my massage/energy healing sessions, I help people to let go of their stress, pain and fear so that they can open up to the divine vibrations of love and healing that exist all around us, at all time. When that happens, they are open to all sorts of blessings and guidance from the spirit realm, and that only takes 90 minutes.

So now I take people out into nature and teach them how to tap into the spiritual energy that exists there and how to interpret the signs and messages that they receive. We all know the saying “God works in mysterious ways”. So the answers can and often do come in all sorts of strange ways. Sometimes they do come in a straightforward dream or vision that is clear and easy to understand. But often the guidance comes in a message that needs to be pondered and meditated upon.

We all have a purpose in this world, and we all have a mission to achieve. A spiritual destiny.

When you discover that destiny, your passion will ignite and your life will become a joy and a grand adventure. You will face your problems with courage and a resolve to overcome them, whatever it takes. You will also have the confidence that you are not alone. There is great love and support for you in the unseen realms of Spirit.

A Vision Quest is a great way to bring that into your life and keep it strong.

El Yunque Vision Quest Oct 4, 2012

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