78 Days To Go: Last Part of Summer Solstice

In addressing today’s blog, let’s go back to the reason why I began sharing this diary, shall we? Summer Solstice is the direct reflection of Winter Solstice. The longest day in relation to the shortest day in our hemisphere (Northern). The day that marks the beginning of the descendant soul, from its brightest and luminous expression towards an inward expression, just before a new dawn.

For the Autumn Equinox, the question was “what action can you take that sends a signal that you’re moving past fear?

I didn’t know exactly if by being in the desert I was moving past my fears. It was by going back home and finding myself immersed again in daily life that I would find out how much I was changed and couldn’t grasp the old dynamics. Didn’t know who I was anymore. How was I going to make a living? How much sediment was removed from my ego reference? All I could perceive was muddy inner waters.

The practice of Kundalini Yoga goes deep, transforming, shaking the very core of who we are. A practice that must be approached wisely and with guidance since the Kundalini energy if awakened without us being ready for it, can translate into a very difficult path, with an extreme and intense current of information coming through, signifying trauma for our mental, physical, spiritual, or emotional health.

What I did know was that by being there, something extraordinary was happening, not only in my personal experience, but in the collective experience -a collective psyche projecting prayers and intentions globally. The portal opened in such a powerful astronomical event was enhanced in New Mexico by having the almost 2,000 souls practicing White Tantric Yoga® as taught and guided by the same Yogi Bhajan, Mahan Tantric. An extraordinary practice based in sacred geometry in which practitioners interact with themselves, their partners, and the group. An entire process that allows a tremendous amount of inner work in a short time.
Peter was also there. He joined the Sadhana Celebration two days before Summer Solstice.

Those ten days went flying by. It was interesting how during that time, for moments I wished the experience to finish already. To find oneself dealing with its most intimate challenges and fears… it takes courage. And commitment. And this world, beautiful ones, is filled by courageous souls that are committed to look themselves in their mirrors. Souls that take action. Is not a commodity these days to find kindred spirits willing to do the work that needs to be done, and that, brothers and sisters, is the most powerful thing I can humbly share. The most powerful thing I could humbly experience. Knowing that I was a part of only one of the powerful celebrations held that day in the entire planet. In La Kesh.

Rise Up Sweet Family Dear
A Time of The Lord
And remembering…
Love is Here.
~~ Guru Singh ~~

With this one we finish this Solstice series :). Though, if you feel like going for more information about these gatherings, their history and what they stand for, feel free to access the following link,  http://www.harisingh.com/3HOHistory.htm, a compelling article about 3HO and Yogi Bhajan.

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