80 Days To Go: Continuation of a Summer Solstice Diary

About the Yoga of Awareness… Kundalini Yoga
I will address myself to this explanation as someone who just started her path as a practitioner, not a teacher of Kundalini Yoga – yet. This is a comprehensive technology designed to give a “hands on” experience of the highest consciousness in all of us. A method by which those who practice it could achieve their sacred purpose of life. A dynamic, powerful tool for expanding awareness. A universal non-denominational practice.

Summer Solstice Sadhana Celebration

Why was it so important to be a part of this gathering? Eight years as a hatha yoga practitioner, before June 2012, I only practiced Kundalini Yoga five times, but that was all it took. Eternally grateful to the friend who introduced me into Yogi Bhajan’s spiritual teachings, she spoke to me about this global celebration CARRYING US INTO THE AQUARIAN AGE, and that was it.

A celebration of love, ancient yogic wisdom, and deep spirituality, where we were to immerse ourselves in all areas of daily life including morning sadhana, yogic diet, Kundalini Yoga and meditation, White Tantric Yoga, seva, and kirtan held in a sacred mountain of 7,000 feet of altitude, that used to be a land of the Hopi Nation in the Jemez Mountains in New Mexico.

A little History of Guru Ram Das Puri, The Mountain
For a hundred thousand years, huge spiritual gatherings took place over a vast territory stretching from what is now New Mexico, south to Mexico, and east to Missouri. Tribal and religious leaders, wise women, and warriors traveled from far far away to attend the gatherings. They all shared the belief that the spark of Spirit lives in everyone, and that by coming together, the Unified Supreme Spirit could be made to manifest more clearly. These spiritual gatherings took place once every 108 years. However, the last such meeting had occurred more than 2,000 years ago, when a shift took place: it was determined that the forces of discord—in the form of disharmony and disrespect for nature—were gaining power at such a tremendous rate that the Unified Supreme Spirit needed to be protected. The Hopi people were chosen to be the keepers of the Unified Supreme Spirit and because of this, they became a very mystical nation. The Hopis knew from their ancestors that just before the forces of discord reached their full power, a white-clad warrior, would manifest himself and he was destined to acquire that territory as to activate its healing destiny as a sacred mountain protecting its Unified Supreme Spirit, that white-clad warrior was determined to be Yogi Bhajan.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012: The Mountain Greets Us

The journey to the mountain began on Wednesday, 12:30pm, New Mexico time. We were eight in the cab, a polish woman, two twin sisters from India, a colombian young man with his californian girlfriend, a hungarian woman, the taxi driver, and me. The stories about what was to happen were many inside of the cab. I remained practically silent. First timer in such a gathering. My mind was a sponge, and since the information was coming as quick as light, the best to do was to keep silence so that I could keep up. As we were going up the mountain, the road began a drastic change, civilization was the same as asphalt road, until it was all dirt and the telephone signal began to give up.  The stories now were about essential oils to aid specific kriyas (Kundalini Yoga postures) and meditations. A sudden silence came. It was not long until we were at camp already. It was 3pm on June 13, and we were at the gates of Ram Das Puri.

Vibrant. Luminous. Unknown.

The Sun was strong, the wind was also strong, the dirt was a requirement. As soon as we started getting all the gear off the taxi, everyone said their goodbyes, not expecting to see each other again for the next 10 days, or the rest of our lives. More than 2,000 souls were expected to be there. Perhaps we would run into each other again, or we wouldn’t.

The trees in the desert have a distinctive sound. When I finally found my camping site, near the Fire Tent down in the Shakti Valley, I got to sit down on my suitcase to observe and integrate what was going on until that moment when I heard a whisking sound coming from a bush right next to me. Like snapping fingers making music from a Utah Juniper.

Made it to the desert, knowing only three souls at that moment, friends from Puerto Rico. Two of them were the ones who prompted me to embark myself in such a quest.

“Action is eloquence.” -Shakespeare.

The tribe of global consciousness we have been told about in reference to the Aquarian Age, is here, is now.

“Stay together friends. Don’t scatter and sleep. Our friendship is made of being awake.” -Rumi

Yet, to be continued…

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