81 Days To Go: Divine Feminine… Alignments

In my previous blog, I began sharing a diary of Summer Solstice. Then the weekend came with a powerful Full Moon and a conversation that made me write today about the Divine Feminine and the Earth alignments with the Astral Plane. After this one, I will get back to the mountain of Ram Das Puri.

Dawning days. A harvest “lunation” for alchemical evolution. With feminine energy bathing all around. 2012, the birth year for a new planet. I remember when I used to think about this year of change and alignment, that it was just a metaphor. It was Christmas Eve in 2010 when a sudden realization came with an earth tremor strong and long enough to make everything dance around with vibrational rhythm. “This is already happening, is not about the future anymore”, I said to myself.

2012 then began and we are living such alignments already.

This harvest Full Moon came with an interesting convergence of energies among which we also found a source of nourishment and support, ruling fertility, food, and the cycle of life, upholding and anchoring a strong, feminine presence in this configuration of change and evolution that we are unfolding together. Before Summer Solstice, the Earth saw a Solar Eclipse, with the feminine energy of the Moon coming in the way of the male energy of the Sun, a Lunar Eclipse with the Earth, followed by Venus transiting the Sun shining her goddess rays onto the planet amplified with the magnetization of the Sun, like holding a film with a big projector spotlight behind it.

We’re talking about a lot of feminine energy coming into planet Earth. In light of balance, this female energy influx is happening to balance out centuries of excess male energy on the planet. With all these changes going on, preparing us for the next level of consciousness, the balance is returning to the planet in the form of the divine feminine.

Is not a strange thing that many females, on the bright side, may be getting pregnant with ease, or may be confronting conditions related to their feminine systems, such as cystitis, or heavy menstrual cramps. That which is not aligned with this new balance may face changes -within and without- principally during the portals given by the Sun during the Solstices and Equinoxes, and the Full Moons, such like the one on Saturday night, an Aries Moon charged with action about the things we take for granted and from now on is important to determine if they serve for the highest good of all.

Going back to Solstices… Word is that there was a direct alignment between Summer Solstice with the Winter Solstice. The June 21st as a direct precursor to the December 21st one. Everything is intertwined, absolutely everything. One of the questions I was faced with this Saturday night for the Aries Full Moon, is the one question I began to answer when I decided to go to a sacred place in the mountains of New Mexico called Ram Das Puri… “What action can I take to help me to  move past fear?”

To be continued…

Inspired by articles from our friends from MysticMamma and Wake Up World.

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