82 days to go: Illusion of Maya & Jellyfish

Previously on 100 layers blog: Peter was trying to find divine purpose in EVERYTHING – including getting stung by a jellyfish.

The spiritual masters of Tantra (as well as many other traditions) have been telling us for thousands of years that there is a greater reality that exists beyond this physical world that we know as home. That is the spirit world. It is where we come from and where we go to after the body dies. It is said that the spirit realm is the TRUE reality and the physical world that we can experience with out bodily senses is merely an illusion that serves as a training ground for our spirits’ journey in this body. In Tantra this is known as Maya.

When we are born into this world, our spirit has no real self-awareness of its’ true nature or why it’s here. We are given spirit guides (or guardian angels) who try to help us from beyond the veil, but all the beings in that realm (including Creator) can only help us if we are open to such help.

One of the ways that help can arrive is guidance and direction in the form of “signs”.  These are messages specifically for us. Or we can also be given gifts of healing, energy, strength, trust, faith  or patience through a wide variety of means, if we are open to it.

This goes back to the message of yesterday’s blog and previous ones, that there is a reason and a purpose for EVERYTHING that happens in your life. And that purpose is ALWAYS for the highest good for everyone.

When something interesting or unusual or powerful happens to you, that is something to pay special attention to. Like getting stung by a jellyfish – 3 nights in a row!

You know how you can interpret symbols in a dream you might have, as a message from your subconscious mind? In the same way, you can interpret the things that happen to yourself in the “real” waking world, just as if you were interpreting a dream. In fact, the masters say that the dream world is linked more closely to the spirit world, and hence is more “real” than the waking world.

There are many ways to interpret symbols. One way is to look in a dream interpretation book(or the internet) for commonly understood symbols and what they can mean. Keep looking until you find something that resonates with you. or you can meditate on the symbol, paying special attention to what it means to you, and how it makes you feel. If all else fails, you can make up a meaning out of thin air. It is really impossible to get it “wrong” since this is YOUR journey and your path.

Another way to understand gifts is to look at the spiritual energy of the messenger. All living beings have a spiritual energy that carries special gifts and messages. These are known as animal totems.

This is what I looked at to try to understand what was going on with getting stung by a sea creature.

As I meditated and looked at pictures, I realized that there is no other inhabitant of the oceans that more resembles a spirit being than a jellyfish.


Then a little research on jellyfish medicine revealed something very interesting. Not from an animal totem guide, but a scientific article showed that a certain type of jellyfish my hold the key to anti-aging, cellular regeneration and even physical immortality! Check it out.

So with just a little meditation and research, I discovered that an experience I had that was very painful and frightening, could have actually been a great gift from spirit.

Here is the funny thing, that is also just a little bit spooky, but it is the Gods’ honest truth.  After I returned home after the 2nd sting, but before I had learned about the anti-aging properties, I passed the bathroom mirror as I was getting into the shower. Something made me pause and look twice at myself. I was struck by how young I looked, for being almost 50.


Or Divine Providence?

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  1. In herbalism, nettles possess great healing properties but they can deliver a powerful sting. However, seasoned gardeners who regularly come in contact with the plant, experience very little distress. The beneficial properties balance out the painful punch. Also, many bee keepers and healers purposefully have a bee sting them in an aching arthritic joint, which I am told affords great relief. Live and learn, eh? Namaste Peter and Marien (and the jellyfish:))

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