86 Days To Go: Do as you please!

Do as you please!

Today dear friends, I am going for a brief writing. The call is for all of us to take care of ourselves. Have you practiced with a mirror repeating to yourself I Love You? If not, today is a great day to start looking and discovering!

If things with others get difficult today, don’t take them personally. Take your time alone, journal, meditate, make exercise, go out for a walk with your dog, if you don’t have a dog, ask for your neighbors, scream, sing, dance, take a salt bath with oils, go to the movies by your own, do as you please. Pamper yourself!  Enjoy yourself! And take your attention off the things you don’t like, by doing exactly what you would like. Don’t ask yourself why when things get a little rocky. Bring your attention to the things that may not be as rational for your inner adult, and say to yourself why not?

I’ll lead by example. Let us meet at the field beyond!

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