89 Days To Go: Among Women

Hello Sister. Tell me how’ve you been, tell me what you’ve seen, allow me to welcome you, let me serve you a cup of tea. Tell me all about it. I’m here. I am.

You remember when we were little girls, we didn’t know that much, right? But we did know something about the world and its wonders… Yes, I remember playing in my grandma’s yard and thinking nothing but our game. Expanding the possibilities of the moment to the heights of our own imagination. You remember that, right?

We grew up. We separated ourselves. We then met some guys, and we fell in love. And without knowing, we started a race for recognition. In the eye of the others, we started to look for our validation. Oh yes, how apart we became. It became so difficult to feel love for each other anymore. We used to be sisters, but being so similar aroused that futile comparison between each other. YES! I KNOW! A thread for generations and generations. We used to be powerful. Back in history, we used to be united. Societies and cultures used to embrace the feminine. Honoring that we could give birth and everything that would imply. The sacred feminine: living through spirit, creation, emotions, intuition.

But we were domesticated in a patriarchal society. And the power of being one became a struggle for our survival. Even the cycle of the feminine was turned into a curse implying that our menstruation was a wrong sign. We were now under the influence of our brothers, under their domination, under their will. Only a few could remain true to our innate, wild, and vivacious nature.

We felt competition, because the object of our validation depended, from that moment on, on the other’s approval of who we were and how much we were worth. Yes, even in the work place. People liking us because of how much attention I can get versus her, how talented I can be in comparison to her, how much I can earn, how much respect I can get, or how we simply stopped to care about what each other could say. Everything became a race, for some, a deadly one.

Well, am convinced of the power of the feminine and I am also convinced that these beliefs have been inserted into our cultural DNA by unnatural means. My intuition tells me that being united means being in our element, our freedom, our will power and independence.

I also believe that from now on, we are to stay heart centered, to recognize every single human being is unique and beautiful and contributes to oneness; to recognize that, we, women are powerful beyond measure. We can understand the cycle of life through our moon cycles, and the earth changes through the blessing of giving birth by also embracing our masculinity, by action and structure, by setting example for change. To recognize, as well, that men are our brothers, and we are here to work together walking towards a brighter dawn for humankind.

Thank you sister for coming along, thank you for this conversation. I’m blessed having you in my Life. And I love you.



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