91 Days to go: Ode to Cedarburg

It’s only going to be 3 months, but I’m getting all sentimental about leaving my beloved home.

In the last 13 years, I’ve never been away from this place for more than 3 weeks.

It’s like an enchanted park where I live. So peaceful and lovely. Green and lush, there are many trees and ponds. In fact, it is right beside an actual park.

One can hear the breeze whisper through the leaves and the birds singing their songs. The neighborhood kids play in the street, and my boys’ school is right across the street.

People are very friendly and relaxed here. Even driving is so easy and stress free.

Cedarburg is a small town (population 10,000), and has that small town charm. It is surrounded farms and countryside. As I write, I can hear a coyote howl in the distance. Yet it is only a 30 min drive to downtown Milwaukee, with a world class art, music and theatre scene. Tomorrow my daughter sings with the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra.

I could wax on poetically all night long about the beauty, power and magic of Cedarburg and Wisconsin. But I wasn’t always so thrilled to be here.

While I did grow up here, I left as soon as I graduated high school to see the world. I haven’t been to most places, but since then I have lived in many amazing places: California; Oregon (on Mt. Hood); Aspen, Colorado; Kampala, Uganda.

So when I moved back to Wisconsin after more than a decade away, it was just a little too “nice” for my taste. Too normal, too domesticated, too suburban american. For several years after my return, I felt trapped in a place that did not feed my wild heart.

But that was my fault. I was not seeing beyond the surface and not connecting to the true spirit of this place.

It started gradually, as slowly I realized that there is some very special and powerful spiritual energy here in Wisconsin. I will not go into most of her secrets tonight, just a glimpse into my life here in Cedarburg.

The park is literally right at my front door.

Half a block will take you to the 3 guardians: 3 enormous weeping willows that form a portal into a higher frequency.

With the pond on the left and the woods on the right, we hike across the field to Grandmother willow. She is ancient, wise and compassionate, ready to share her love and teach us patience. She lives at the base of a very special hill.

I call it Ceremonial Hill. More ancient than Grandmother, hill has seen countless generations come and go. And has helped in the healing & awakening of many throughout the ages. We go to hill to pray and meditate, to play and stretch, to do Yoga and daydream. We go to hill on the full moon and on the Solstices and Equinoxes.

One such full moon, a young fox came out and came up to the top of the hill where a medicine wheel circle of about 13 souls were meditating. He circled our circle with his blessing, then disappeared into the night.

I saw fox just about every day over the next week or two. We became good friends. We danced together under the moon and he grabbed my hat, wanting me to make chase.

There are also many deer and birds and raccoons who live here and bless us with their powerful medicine. All in peace and in harmony.

Today at the hill, there was a flock of  canadian geese in the field. Before I left, they had all taken flight, heading south for the winter.

It’s time for me to follow.



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