92 Days To Go: Nature Healing

Fire • Earth • Water • Air

Have you ever felt nurtured by nature? Have you ever felt the loving care of nature’s womb? Have you ever felt the deep connection between Mother Earth and divinity?

Once upon a time I was lying down in surrender, letting the spirit of the earth to show me how deeply connected everything is. The illusion of separation is just that, an illusion. Also known as Maya. I was back to my mother’s womb. I could feel the beat of both her heart and mine. I was experiencing myself in a new body with no bone structure yet. I was being held, surrounded by pure Love. Little did I know things were going to change, as the miracle of life was to go along. Little did I know I was to experience that precise feeling of separation, I was to experience depression, sadness, pain, fear. I was going to live. Now Love was to be experienced through different sources, I just needed to open myself to it.

This was Nature’s Womb.

Waking up before dawn to meditate and tune with the realm of darkness just before morning light. To connect with the light of the Sun, to feel its rays coloring my skin, bathing me in its gentle fire, igniting also my inner fire. To touch the earth, moist, fertile, sensuous, beautiful, acknowledging its nurture properties. To go into the pure waters of the sea or the mountain, with the absolute conviction that I will be washed, purified, as my inner waters will be in resonance. To breathe with awareness, connecting with the prana of the air. To simply meditate as a child of the Earth.

The way of Shamanism is simply to go back to the intrinsic connection that Human Kind has with Nature. The four elements are a part of our instruments: our bodies. What a wonderful opportunity is to experience us through this avatar thing.

We have been conditioned to live in disconnection with Nature. Because being connected means being awakened, and the alternative is a system of beliefs that keep us plugged… ***You may finish the sentence now, let your consciousness fill the blank.***

The way of Nature is a magical/courageous one. A path to freedom. How about being back to it?

92 days to go.


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