95 Days to go: Tantric Healing

Tantric Healing is an ultimate form of healing that goes beyond the physical.

Everyone wants to be healed of their physical pain and ailments, and there is nothing wrong with that. But Tantra is an ancient teaching of energy and spirit that reveals a greater reality.

That we are spiritual beings in a physical body. We are here on this earth for a reason. Each soul has a purpose and a mission in life, and many lessons to learn.
In addition to our physical body, we also have an energy body or “light body” composed of Chakras, Nadis, energy meridians, Aura & Kundalini. This light body is what supports the health & growth of the physical body, the emotional body, the mental body and the spirit body.

When something is out of balance, out of harmony or in a state of dis-ease, a solution can always be found in the light body. Any pain or problem in the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual part of you or your life can be healed and brought into harmony through the awakening & balancing of the light body. It is the future of human evolution. It is the complete integration of spirit with matter. It is also one of the primary concepts of the game (100 Layers).

Over 27 years, I have learned how to work with the light body and connect it directly to each of the elements. This is a very efficient and powerful way to activate, clear and balance the light body. In a private session I do that for my clients while they lie passively on the massage table in a deep state of relaxation. Connecting, opening and releasing to the deep power of the elements and Creator.

I love doing this work, and have helped hundreds, perhaps thousands over almost 3 decades. But I have been called to reach out and help many more. In an individual healing session, I do all the work for you, but in a workshop, I teach you how to do it for yourself. That is also the purpose of the book and DVD series.

Every day more people are connecting and awakening to their true powers.  It’s beginning to sound like popcorn!

I am called to help fill God’s popcorn bowl.

Are YOU ready to POP?

Can you hear the call?

95 days to go.

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