98 Days To Go: God

Reflection about God.

Yesterday morning I found in my inbox a beautiful writing piece about Zen spirituality.

It made sense, and rang true to my ears by illustrating how Zen does not confuse spirituality by thinking about God while peeling potatoes, but realizing that spirituality is about the act of peeling potatoes -not quoting but interpreting Alan Watts thinking.

This one brought a current reflection about the 100 Layers From God title.

You all know how this program came to life, we’ve been telling about the story, mostly because is a beautiful point of origin. Really not intending to act as some sort of New Age evangelist, even though that’s possibly how all of this could be perceived. Allow me to speak my mind in regards to this.

New Age? Aquarian Age. Winter Solstice marks the pinnacle of change between the Piscean Age and the Aquarian Age due to the astral movement/alignment.

Because of this movement, the earth as part of it and human beings as the earth inhabitants, we are exposed to these changes, therefore we also experience changes. Ages are characterized by character traits. By changes in the collective consciousness and psyche. Pisces was an age of faith. Aquarius is an age of experience. Also an age of integration.

Well, yesterday morning as I was reading http://www.highexistence.com/look-into-your-mind/, the message was to acknowledge how important is to read, to learn, to listen. But most important is to get off our comfort zone and really exist. That’s the opportunity of the  Aquarian Paradigm. To exist, to experience, to be.

But, God? Lets go back to this.

God: a term used to describe divinity. And we all have our perceptions about what is God and how to relate to it, right? For us? Let’s speak about the Source. To experience the source through our human processes. And when I say human processes I mean, existence.

No, is not our intention to preach, if you are a christian, a believer, or an atheist (first, thank you for reading), you can always find your way through this, over this, or out of this.

100 Layers From God is about peeling layers that keep us separated from the divine spark in all of us. This can be bold for some, nevertheless…  To aim for our highest potential as human beings is what this is all about. To find ourselves as precious, as brilliant, as healed, as freed, as children of the Source, as the Source itself. To exist, to experience, to BE.

With this I say hasta mañana… There’s a saying by a beloved guru I will always refer myself to:  “if you don’t see God in all, then you can’t see God at all”, Yogi Bhajan, Aquarian Teacher.

98 days to go.

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