99 Days to go: A vision for the future

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

That’s the traditional wisdom. It’s good sound advice, and smart.

Too bad I’m not following it.

At the risk of mixing metaphors, I’ve hitched my wagon to a star and put all of my eggs in a basket that’s in the wagon.

When the vision (of 100 Layers) came to me, it was as if it had already happened. Like it was a done deal. I was living and experiencing a future thread of my life.

I was in the mountains of central Puerto Rico, attending a very powerful & sacred Shamanic ceremony. In the midst of my journey, I could see several possible future threads, but this is the one that really called to my heart and made my spirit sing. I was doing my work. My healing work, with individuals and groups. Classes, workshops, tropical retreats, as I’ve been doing for the past 26 years of my life, in one form or another. But it was presented in a different way. A way that the average person on the street could understand and appreciate, without the new age jargon and superstitious mysticism (well, maybe a little). The Vision was like watching a rose bloom, only the rosebud was my life. As it opened up I could see, understand and even experience more of what was occurring.

It came to me so simple and elegant. So clear and precise: 100 Layers from God.

It was a vision from the realm of spirit. A possible future which already exists, on some level. In this future I am doing my work on a much larger scale than ever before, reaching hundreds and thousands of people. There is a book, and a DVD set. They all work together with the classes, workshops and healing sessions to form a beautiful and intricate tapestry of light, color, sound and love. I am so happy, content and at peace. I am helping so many people, and making a real difference in their lives and the world. Abundance flows all around me and through me. A great abundance of joy, love, money and time. There is no stress and no fear. Everything is in Divine Order.

This is the basket that holds all of my eggs. This is the star that is guiding my wagon.

It is true that visions, like dreams, can have many different meanings and interpretations. I choose to believe that I was shown a glimpse of a real future, that is attainable. Not just for me, but for my children, my family, my dear friends, my clients and ultimately for everyone.

The world is changing. Faster that we can imagine. What if it’s true that we are really at the end of a 6,000 year cycle of civilization? The end of the Piscean age, and the beginning of the Age of Aquarious. What if it’s true that the changes are more than just physical, and we are all going through a process of awakening, along with the Earth? Are you ready?

The thing that I love the most about 100 Layers, is that it’s a game. We can have fun with it. There is no right or wrong way to do it. You can’t screw it up. But if we just play along, we can have a great time and quite possible step into a future that is perfect for us in every way: our destiny.  100 Layers says that you can have that.

By 12/21/12

Only 99 days to go.

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