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By peeling away layers that keep us separated from our true nature, we tap into our own medicine of love, purpose & God within.

Can you feel the calling?

The calling of your Soul? Of your Destiny?


100 Layers is a fun, easy and practical way for anyone to reach that place of “God Consciousness” in a timely manner. Anyone who feels like they want more out of life, and doesn’t want to wait another year (or 10).

Our goal is to help you reach a place of true balance, joy and inner peace here and now.  We turn spiritual growth and healing into a fun game that anyone can play and see real tangible results in their life in just one weekend – or less. The goal is oneness with ourselves and all of creation, within and without.

It is a game, because it is fun!  We believe in healing our inner children in order to enjoy a fulfilling life in harmony with spirit. Going back to our earliest emotions embracing them, restoring them, healing them, opening up to the wisdom of our innocence and wonder.

There are many new age spiritual programs in the world that are just a little too “out there” for most people. In 100 Layers, we speak in practical terms that regular people can understand. We strip away the mystery surrounding concepts like Healing Energy and Chakras. We translate ancient spiritual concepts from Tantra & Shamanism so that everyone can understand and learn how to work with this powerful energy and bring it into your daily life, so it can help you right here and now.

But it’s not just about YOU. It’s about helping your family, your friends and loved ones who are struggling and suffering.  There is a solution to every challenge, and 100 Layers is a fun and efficient way to find the answers you are seeking.


About Peter & Marién


Born on Turtle Island, of European ancestry, Peter Ross Voigt is a son of the earth and a brother to all men & women. A licensed Massage therapist, Energy Healer and Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE), he has been teaching classes and workshops on meditation and massage for over 25 years. His practices include Tantra, Yoga, Tai Chi, Shamanism and Baha’i. Each of these contain a common thread that Peter has distilled into a simple meditation technique. His unique and refreshing style goes beyond the spiritual mystique often associated with meditation, as he breaks it down in a fun and entertaining way, yet extremely effective for everyone, even if they have no experience at all with Yoga or meditation. His students include complete beginners to professional healers, Yogis and everything in between.

Born in Puerto Rico, Marién Enid is the youngest child born and raised in the loving womb of a musical family in southern Puerto Rico. A yoga instructor, performing artist, writer, and spiritual seeker. An experienced teacher giving classes for 18 years, first as a dance instructor, then as a yoga instructor. She has taught an international array of practitioners in her native land. And has traveled to cities, deserts, mountains and forests following her spiritual path and destiny. Everything related to her artistic expression, finding her inner child delighted and healed through her creative endeavors. Her awakened energy through a consistent yoga practice (Ashtanga through Kundalini), meditation, dance, music, theater, and writing, has prepared her to be of loving service now that the time has come. A lifelong practitioner of Tantra, even before realizing it. Yearning to, eager to…

Together they help to integrate the masculine & feminine energies in each of us, creating an extraordinary synergistic energy to open pathways working with principals of Tantra, Yoga, Meditation, Kundalini, Shamanism, Baha’i, Breath Work, Earth, Water, Fire, and  Air Energies… FUN energy!

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