81 Days To Go: Divine Feminine… Alignments

In my previous blog, I began sharing a diary of Summer Solstice. Then the weekend came with a powerful Full Moon and a conversation that made me write today about the Divine Feminine and the Earth alignments with the Astral Plane. After this one, I will get back to the mountain of Ram Das Puri.

Dawning days. A harvest “lunation” for alchemical evolution. With feminine energy bathing all around. 2012, the birth year for a new planet. I remember when I used to think about this year of change and alignment, that it was just a metaphor. It was Christmas Eve in 2010 when a sudden realization came with an earth tremor strong and long enough to make everything dance around with vibrational rhythm. “This is already happening, is not about the future anymore”, I said to myself.

2012 then began and we are living such alignments already.

This harvest Full Moon came with an interesting convergence of energies among which we also found a source of nourishment and support, ruling fertility, food, and the cycle of life, upholding and anchoring a strong, feminine presence in this configuration of change and evolution that we are unfolding together. Before Summer Solstice, the Earth saw a Solar Eclipse, with the feminine energy of the Moon coming in the way of the male energy of the Sun, a Lunar Eclipse with the Earth, followed by Venus transiting the Sun shining her goddess rays onto the planet amplified with the magnetization of the Sun, like holding a film with a big projector spotlight behind it.

We’re talking about a lot of feminine energy coming into planet Earth. In light of balance, this female energy influx is happening to balance out centuries of excess male energy on the planet. With all these changes going on, preparing us for the next level of consciousness, the balance is returning to the planet in the form of the divine feminine.

Is not a strange thing that many females, on the bright side, may be getting pregnant with ease, or may be confronting conditions related to their feminine systems, such as cystitis, or heavy menstrual cramps. That which is not aligned with this new balance may face changes -within and without- principally during the portals given by the Sun during the Solstices and Equinoxes, and the Full Moons, such like the one on Saturday night, an Aries Moon charged with action about the things we take for granted and from now on is important to determine if they serve for the highest good of all.

Going back to Solstices… Word is that there was a direct alignment between Summer Solstice with the Winter Solstice. The June 21st as a direct precursor to the December 21st one. Everything is intertwined, absolutely everything. One of the questions I was faced with this Saturday night for the Aries Full Moon, is the one question I began to answer when I decided to go to a sacred place in the mountains of New Mexico called Ram Das Puri… “What action can I take to help me to  move past fear?”

To be continued…

Inspired by articles from our friends from MysticMamma and Wake Up World.

82 days to go: Illusion of Maya & Jellyfish

Previously on 100 layers blog: Peter was trying to find divine purpose in EVERYTHING – including getting stung by a jellyfish.

The spiritual masters of Tantra (as well as many other traditions) have been telling us for thousands of years that there is a greater reality that exists beyond this physical world that we know as home. That is the spirit world. It is where we come from and where we go to after the body dies. It is said that the spirit realm is the TRUE reality and the physical world that we can experience with out bodily senses is merely an illusion that serves as a training ground for our spirits’ journey in this body. In Tantra this is known as Maya.

When we are born into this world, our spirit has no real self-awareness of its’ true nature or why it’s here. We are given spirit guides (or guardian angels) who try to help us from beyond the veil, but all the beings in that realm (including Creator) can only help us if we are open to such help.

One of the ways that help can arrive is guidance and direction in the form of “signs”.  These are messages specifically for us. Or we can also be given gifts of healing, energy, strength, trust, faith  or patience through a wide variety of means, if we are open to it.

This goes back to the message of yesterday’s blog and previous ones, that there is a reason and a purpose for EVERYTHING that happens in your life. And that purpose is ALWAYS for the highest good for everyone.

When something interesting or unusual or powerful happens to you, that is something to pay special attention to. Like getting stung by a jellyfish – 3 nights in a row!

You know how you can interpret symbols in a dream you might have, as a message from your subconscious mind? In the same way, you can interpret the things that happen to yourself in the “real” waking world, just as if you were interpreting a dream. In fact, the masters say that the dream world is linked more closely to the spirit world, and hence is more “real” than the waking world.

There are many ways to interpret symbols. One way is to look in a dream interpretation book(or the internet) for commonly understood symbols and what they can mean. Keep looking until you find something that resonates with you. or you can meditate on the symbol, paying special attention to what it means to you, and how it makes you feel. If all else fails, you can make up a meaning out of thin air. It is really impossible to get it “wrong” since this is YOUR journey and your path.

Another way to understand gifts is to look at the spiritual energy of the messenger. All living beings have a spiritual energy that carries special gifts and messages. These are known as animal totems.

This is what I looked at to try to understand what was going on with getting stung by a sea creature.

As I meditated and looked at pictures, I realized that there is no other inhabitant of the oceans that more resembles a spirit being than a jellyfish.


Then a little research on jellyfish medicine revealed something very interesting. Not from an animal totem guide, but a scientific article showed that a certain type of jellyfish my hold the key to anti-aging, cellular regeneration and even physical immortality! Check it out.

So with just a little meditation and research, I discovered that an experience I had that was very painful and frightening, could have actually been a great gift from spirit.

Here is the funny thing, that is also just a little bit spooky, but it is the Gods’ honest truth.  After I returned home after the 2nd sting, but before I had learned about the anti-aging properties, I passed the bathroom mirror as I was getting into the shower. Something made me pause and look twice at myself. I was struck by how young I looked, for being almost 50.


Or Divine Providence?

83 days to go: Jellyfish

My last post (85 days: Faith) was inspired by Jellyfish.

That post was about Radiant Acquiescence, the practice of accepting all things with an open heart, as a gift from the Divine. Even (or especially) those things we do not like, want or understand.


I’ve been coming to Puerto Rico for five years now, and I always feel like I’m not fully here until I dive into the sea. That helps to clear and balance my energy, and THEN I feel fully present and connected to the island.

My flight got in last Tuesday evening, but I didn’t get to the beach until Wednesday eve. I don’t mind swimming at night. As a matter of fact, I’ve been doing it for most of my adult life. Yes, it can be a bit spooky swimming in the ocean at night, but I’ve never really had much of a problem with it, and it is wonderful to swim under the moon & stars.

The only concern I had was was that the last time I swam at night, during my previous trip to Puerto Rico, I got stung by a jellyfish, which was quite painful and frightening.

But that was such a rare occurrence that I did not worry too much about it. After a nice meditation on the beach, I waded into the smallish surf, then dove into the dark waters to cleanse myself of old energy and fears. Mt usual practice is to swim out about 100 feet to the buoy at the corner of the swimming area. I dive under the rope and sometimes float on my back, meditating under the stars, just outside the boundaries. The water is quite warm this time of year, so it is easy to luxuriate in the boyant salt water. when I am ready, I round the marker and swim leisurely back to shore.

This night, last Wednesday, I was swimming in, almost to shore, when I felt the searing pain in my right arm first, then the left. I knew I had run into a Jellyfish again, but at night, in the dark, nothing can be seen, so there is no way to know if you are getting away from the toxic tentacles or going into them further. As I already mentioned, it is very frightening, and painful. Fortunately, I was close to shore and somehow my torso avoided contact, so just my two arms were in intense pain. Breathing deeply, I made it back to shore, where I began to ponder my situation.

You like this pic? Me too. Imagine swimming into this bad boy at night. I’m happy to report that this is a Nomura Jellyfish from Japan, not found in the Caribbean. I just had to add it for shock value.

The spotted jellyfish below is much more common around Puerto Rico.


Turns out that Jellyfish stings are a lot like eating a hot chili pepper. It can burn like hell for a while, but eventually it will subside. Although chilis do not leave  a red, blistering welt on your skin. But that too will pass – after about 24 hrs.


OK, there is a point to this creepy tale. That is that I have a strong belief and faith that there is a reason and a purpose for EVERYTHING that happens in my life. And that reason is always for the highest good. I had a hard time finding the good in being attacked by such a creature in the dark of night.

And yet I still believe.

So as I left the beach, I said a silent prayer of thanks to the sea, and the jellyfish, and to God. For a gift that I did not understand, but was certainly powerful.

To be continued…

84 Days To Go: Solstices… Carried Away

A reader made the recommendation for us to speak in length about the Equinoxes and Solstices and their spiritual meanings. Before going into the endeavor I must be honest about the fact that I am not an astronomer or anything related, but I can share my own experience with this phenomena.  So, absolutely dear friend, the call then is to speak in more detail about the Solstices, both Summer and Winter.

Allow me to start with the Earth’s journey around the Sun. It takes 365.242 days to complete the cycle. As the earth spins on it’s axis, it also tilts one pole towards the sun, then the other.  During Solstices the Sun reaches its highest or lowest relative position in the sky. Summer Solstice in the northern hemisphere is the longest day and shortest night of the year, while in the south, it is the shortest day and longest night. Winter Solstice is the opposite. Shortest day in the north, with the longest night.

The Spiritual Meaning of the Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice, with it’s longest day and shortest night is a tipping point: from here on the days get shorter and the nights get longer. Now on the longest summer day, light peaks, triumphs, and then begins the decline into darkness. If we were to establish a symbolism between summer and winter with light and darkness, we would say for Summer Solstice that the light of the soul is shining its brightest preceding the shorter sunlight days of Winter. It is a portal opening of expansive energy in natural cycle towards inward energy.

During solstices and equinoxes, if getting up early in the morning to watch the sunrise, people will attune themselves to the rhythms of the natural world and invite the seasons of waxing and waning, of birth, growth, death and renewal to reverberate more consciously in their lives. The rest of the year will be shaped by that. These times may be celebrated by bonfires and getting up to greet the dawn. Fire in the earth, fire in the sky. Celebrations may be with rituals, prayers, altars and sacred spaces for people to move with the cycle of nature, becoming a part of it.

Historically, it’s been depicted as a surreal time, when people lose their common practical senses and are carried away by waves of fantasy and magic. As opposed to Winter, when the soul may look for an inward expression, but just as fantastic and magical.

Speaking of such, here I begin to share the Diary of my last Summer Solstice…

Tuesday, June 12, 2012: Welcome to New Mexico.

Arrived to desert land on a Tuesday night. A man I didn’t know received me at the airport. We both were nervous, on his end, he was wondering who I was, what were the chances for me to be a lunatic woman; same thing with me. All by myself, in a land also unknown to me, received by a complete stranger, connecting dots of terror in my head… At first we looked suspiciously at each other, I was shivering, but I took my chance.

Back in Puerto Rico, I quit my job in a corporate office to follow a strange call to the dessert. At work they said that I would have to choose between going or staying. I pondered, and realized the decision was made for me. Back in those days I remember the voices telling me that I was crazy… craziness has layers upon layers… And yes, I was being crazy (and still :p). I was following a path that didn’t make sense to many, that’s why there was no discussion about it. When my mind was made up, magic unleashed in a monumental way.

We were driving along the dessert city and the strange man resulted to be an extraordinary human being connecting with a lot of souls coming to Albuquerque looking for experiences of expansion. He would provide them a beautiful place to stay, asking nothing in return. He provided me the best room I could have ever imagined to spend the one night before heading to the mountain. His kindness was beyond measure.

I remember the days prior to presenting my resignation at work. I was terrified. For so long I’ve lived with just the necessary, facing financial hazards. That work was a blessing through which I could relieve a lot of financial stress, but also a stepping-stone for me to move to London to study acting. Plans of moving myself there were lingering in the realm of my dreams and possibilities. But first, I needed to attend this call of my soul.

One afternoon as I was driving to the yoga studio, I was asking myself: What the hell am I doing?

The answer -as unequivocal- came: You, more that anyone, know that Life and Spirit do not take from you, but free you from things so that you can fly higher, so that you can soar the skies.

Tearful eyes, silence, and joy. The next day I presented my resignation at work and bought a one-way plane ticket to New Mexico. I was to join the global Kundalini Yoga Tribe gathering in Ram Das Puri in celebration of the first Summer Solstice Sadhana of the Aquarian Age.

“Enrich yourself with sacredness and opportunity will come to you from every corner.”
– Yogi Bhajan

To be continued…

85 days to go: what is Faith?

Among the many things that we are discussing in this blog, is life on a spiritual path. The ups and downs that one tends to face, as well as the great blessings and rewards.

Radiant Acquiescence is Baha’i concept that is also found in Tantra & Shamanism.

To acquiesce means to accept something. Usually it is a passive or reluctant acceptance. Most of us acquiesce to the inevitable: death, taxes & work. In this case however, we are asked to acquiesce to the will of the Divine. Not passively or reluctantly, but radiantly!

This is easy enough when things go the way we want them to, but happens when they don’t?

This is when Radiant Acquiescence is most valuable.

At the heart of this concept is faith. But what is faith?

There can be and are certainly many answers to that question, so this is not necessarily the definitive one, but perhaps a place to start.

The dictionary defines it as confidence or trust in a person or thing. For our definition, the person or thing is the Divine: Creator or God. But then, what are we trusting? What do we have confidence in?

There is another lofty spiritual concept that can be found in most, if not all religions and spiritual teachings in our world. It is a concept that most people do accept and believe to be true – up to a point. I’m sure that even YOU believe in this, dear reader.

That is that things happen for a reason. The teaching is that there is a reason and a purpose for EVERYTHING that happens in this world. There are no mistakes and no accidents.

Most people I’ve met do believe and accept this truth – until something “bad” happens to them or a loved one. Then everything goes out the window. Then they don’t want to hear about it. They know that whatever happened IS bad and it’s messed up, and are usually not open to any other interpretation. That’s not “bad” either, it’s just the way we are.

Other, more sensible people believe it sometimes, but temper it with the thought that sometimes things just happen. There doesn’t have to be a reason for EVERYTHING.

If you go deeper into this teaching, there is another part to it, that most people are not aware of: There is a reason and a purpose for everything that happens in this world, and it is ALWAYS for the highest good – for everyone involved.

This requires confidence and trust that our Creator has a plan for us (and our particular situation) AND in the essential goodness of Creator & Creation. Both of these can be found in Baha’i, Shamanism & Tantra, as well as most other spiritual teachings. It can also be found in a flower. And deep within our own heart.

So it could be said that Faith is the confidence and trust in the essential goodness of Creator. That there is a reason and a purpose for everything that happens in this world, and it is always for the highest good – for everyone involved.

If you have this kind of faith, then Radiant Acquiescence becomes more than a spiritual practice. It becomes a lifestyle.

And how do you think YOUR life would be if you were to accept EVERYTHING that happened to you radiantly, because you had trust and confidence that here is a reason and a purpose for everything that happens in this world, and it is always for the highest good?

Aristotle said “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it”.

That is the point of our game 100 Layers from God. You don’t have to believe everything we say as The Truth. Just try it on and see what happens.

Try playing the game: live your life in Radiant Acquiescence for just one day, then let us know what happens.

Maybe, if you’re lucky, you might discover that miracles are not always things that happen in the outer world.

Good luck and God bless!

86 Days To Go: Do as you please!

Do as you please!

Today dear friends, I am going for a brief writing. The call is for all of us to take care of ourselves. Have you practiced with a mirror repeating to yourself I Love You? If not, today is a great day to start looking and discovering!

If things with others get difficult today, don’t take them personally. Take your time alone, journal, meditate, make exercise, go out for a walk with your dog, if you don’t have a dog, ask for your neighbors, scream, sing, dance, take a salt bath with oils, go to the movies by your own, do as you please. Pamper yourself!  Enjoy yourself! And take your attention off the things you don’t like, by doing exactly what you would like. Don’t ask yourself why when things get a little rocky. Bring your attention to the things that may not be as rational for your inner adult, and say to yourself why not?

I’ll lead by example. Let us meet at the field beyond!

87 days to go: Tantric Relationship

Ever since I learned of it, over 12 years ago, I dreamt of a “Tantric Relationship”.

Sounds hot, doesn’t it?

If you know nothing about Tantra, you know it has something to do with sex or sexual energy. Probably wild, exotic and lasting a looong time.

That’s the reputation of Tantra. In fact, it is true that Tantra is one of the few spiritual teachings in the world that does not condemn sexuality as a negative force, or at least something to overcome if you want to be spiritual.

Traditional religion views sexuality as a base animal instinct. Part of our “lower” self that needs to be subjugated or transcended if we want to be close to God.

Tantra teaches that our sexuality is a great gift from God that is beautiful and sacred. Moreover, we can use that gift to learn, grow and become more spiritual. Our sexuality can actually bring us closer to God.

For all of the beautiful teachings on sacred sexuality, it turns out that it is only a very small part of what Tantra is really about.

Tantra is a vast spiritual teaching, philosophy and practice that puts just as much emphasis on celibacy (bramhacharya) as it does on sexuality. It’s just a different path. But of course no one is interested in hearing about celibacy.

The ultimate goal of Tantra is the same as all religions and spiritual teachings around the world: Divine Union. Becoming one with Creator and creation. Tantra happens to contain a practical system for attaining this goal, and further, it encourages the individual to strive to reach their highest human potential while also giving us the tools to be able reach that supreme state of fulfillment.


One of those tools is indeed sacred sexuality. Another is being in relationship with another human being.

Tantra also teaches that love is the essence of all things, and that the only true source of love that can ever fully satisfy us comes from Creator.

We learn about love from other people, but they can never give us everything we need. That is why so many marriages and relationships fail. The people are looking to each other as their main source of love. This is destined to fail.

Human beings were created with a basic need for love. We have a space within us that requires love to be truly happy and fulfilled. There is only one source that is powerful enough to fill that need, and it is not another person.

So the foundation of a “Tantric Relationship” is two people turning first to their Creator as their primary source for love.

Then they turn to each other with their hearts full and all of their needs already met. With open hearts, they are free to love each other fully without having to worry about getting enough love from them.

Another premise of a “TR” is that both people are committed to spiritual growth and reaching their highest potential in life, and supporting their partner to do the same.

Some interpretations (and practices) of Tantra espouse “free love” and polyamory.  This is not my understanding or practice. Another form of  bramhacharya, besides actual celibacy, is faithfulness in monogamy. When two people grow together in love and tust, the safety and intimacy that occurs can propel us to higher heights of spiritual peace and bliss.

When you have this kind of solid foundation of Divine love, human love, commitment to each other and spiritual growth, that is a very special thing, by itself. But then, when you add the Tantric practices of sacred sexuality, look out! That is spiritual/sexual alchemy of the highest order.

Of course, it’s not always so easy to reach this state. It’s hard enough to just find another person that you can get along with. Even if you do find a person who is compatible and shares an interest and desire for such a relationship, the path can be difficult and rocky. To attain the heights of spiritual bliss, one must first heal the deep wounds of the heart. This is a challenge and a commitment of it’s own, and one that relationships are particularly good for. Many souls cannot deal with the level of fear and discomfort that can arise on such an intense healing path. But if you can, the rewards are immeasurable.

For all these years, I’ve been dreaming of an opportunity to love and grow together like this, but my passion and desire had never been shared by any of my partners.

Until now.

Those of you who know my story, know of my magical journey to Puerto Rico. This enchanted island has drawn me to her shores and given me so much. Now she’s given me one of her own. A daughter of the earth whose love and passion for the Divine matches my own. For the first time in my life, I feel like I have a real chance to achieve what most only dream of.

But the most beautiful part of it is that the magnificent dream of a Tantric Relationship is only a small part of what is really possible here. That is to reach our own potentials, to fulfill our destinies. To play our parts in this great global transformation that is occurring right now, before our eyes, and to be of service to the Earth and Humanity.

For that, I am eternally grateful to my beloved Creator and my true love, Marién.

88 days to go: I love you Peter

It was summertime in Yogaville.

Yes, it is a real place. The Satchidananda Ashram in Virginia is a self contained community, not at all disconnected from the world, but operating on a slightly different frequency.

I was there for a workshop by Krishna Das. 3 days of Kirtan, and a week of immersion in Yoga, prayer & meditation.

One day during lunch, as I was sitting in the cafeteria, chatting with the woman sitting next to me, she turned to me and said “you know what YOU should do?”

“You should find a mirror, look yourself deeply in the eyes and tell yourself you love yourself. Say: I love you Peter”

Now I had never met this woman before, and had only been chatting with her for a couple of minutes before she told what I should do. I thought that it was a bit presumptuous of her. I have been practicing Yoga and doing intensive self healing work for decades by this point in my life, including inner child work. And I was doing pretty well. Feeling pretty good about myself and my life. Not really feeling a need to do a silly mirror exercise, prescribed by someone who did not know me at all.

But I have come to realize that sometimes God speaks to us through other people. So I decided to give it a go.

I found a mirror – in a private place – I looked myself deeply in the eyes, smiling and feeling a little silly, I said “I love you Peter”.

I know from past experience that it can often take a little bit of time for something to sink in, whether it’s a meditation, affirmation or whatever. So I held my own gaze and repeated myself “I love you Peter”.

What I was not expecting, was to receive an answer back.

“No you don’t”

What?     Wow.      Where is that coming from ?

Turns out it was coming from a place deep inside where I still felt hurt, fear and mistrust.

This was the beginning of a process (and a practice) that has lasted over 4 years, and is still going on to this day.

That is a process of loving and accepting myself.

I learned that I cannot really love myself until I accept myself. If there is a part of me that I do not accept or like, then there is a part of myself that I do not love.

I learned that one cannot simply “love themselves”  once and be done with it. No, it’s an ongoing relationship, just like with another person. There are ups and downs. Some days I can love myself utterly, inside and out. Other days I can’t even look myself in the eye because I feel embarrassed or guilty or ashamed of some part of me. Or I just don’t like what I see.

It is a process and a practice.  Looking myself in the eyes – EVERY DAY – and telling myself: I love you Peter.

Some days I take a little convincing, but it becomes easier with every passing day, and eventually that part of me, deep inside, relaxes a little and opens up, and starts to believe me.

When you can open up and accept love from yourself, only then can you truly accept it from others. Then you can also accept the ultimate love: from your Creator.

That’s when EVERYTHING opens up.

Looking at my life I see that only Love Has been my soul’s companion.  From deep inside My soul cries out: Do not wait! Surrender! For the sake of Love. ~ RUMI


Tonight, I gave my daughter a magic mirror and suggested she try this herself.

Now I am suggesting that YOU try it.

Go ahead, give it a try, you might just love it.

You might just love yourself.

89 Days To Go: Among Women

Hello Sister. Tell me how’ve you been, tell me what you’ve seen, allow me to welcome you, let me serve you a cup of tea. Tell me all about it. I’m here. I am.

You remember when we were little girls, we didn’t know that much, right? But we did know something about the world and its wonders… Yes, I remember playing in my grandma’s yard and thinking nothing but our game. Expanding the possibilities of the moment to the heights of our own imagination. You remember that, right?

We grew up. We separated ourselves. We then met some guys, and we fell in love. And without knowing, we started a race for recognition. In the eye of the others, we started to look for our validation. Oh yes, how apart we became. It became so difficult to feel love for each other anymore. We used to be sisters, but being so similar aroused that futile comparison between each other. YES! I KNOW! A thread for generations and generations. We used to be powerful. Back in history, we used to be united. Societies and cultures used to embrace the feminine. Honoring that we could give birth and everything that would imply. The sacred feminine: living through spirit, creation, emotions, intuition.

But we were domesticated in a patriarchal society. And the power of being one became a struggle for our survival. Even the cycle of the feminine was turned into a curse implying that our menstruation was a wrong sign. We were now under the influence of our brothers, under their domination, under their will. Only a few could remain true to our innate, wild, and vivacious nature.

We felt competition, because the object of our validation depended, from that moment on, on the other’s approval of who we were and how much we were worth. Yes, even in the work place. People liking us because of how much attention I can get versus her, how talented I can be in comparison to her, how much I can earn, how much respect I can get, or how we simply stopped to care about what each other could say. Everything became a race, for some, a deadly one.

Well, am convinced of the power of the feminine and I am also convinced that these beliefs have been inserted into our cultural DNA by unnatural means. My intuition tells me that being united means being in our element, our freedom, our will power and independence.

I also believe that from now on, we are to stay heart centered, to recognize every single human being is unique and beautiful and contributes to oneness; to recognize that, we, women are powerful beyond measure. We can understand the cycle of life through our moon cycles, and the earth changes through the blessing of giving birth by also embracing our masculinity, by action and structure, by setting example for change. To recognize, as well, that men are our brothers, and we are here to work together walking towards a brighter dawn for humankind.

Thank you sister for coming along, thank you for this conversation. I’m blessed having you in my Life. And I love you.



90 Days To Go: Autumn Equinox

Autumn Equinox: September 22, 2012

The Sun as of today continues a solar pattern that forms a gorgeous tapestry of meanings as every year completes a journey around the earth.

Winter Solstice marks its “birth”. Also the shortest day of the year, allowing a phase of ascendency as the days lengthen.

On the Spring Equinox, day and night are in balance. After this the sun continues to strengthen and the days grow longer.

This phase culminates with the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year, when the sun begins to decline again as the days grow shorter.

The Autumn Equinox -today- is the point at which the day and night are once again equal. After today the sun continues to wane and the days shorten as we move forward towards the cocoon times of winter.

For most mystics, the Autumn Equinox is an event that recognizes a spiritual descent into darkness. Easier is to grasp it when simply saying that this is a time of change from the expansive energy of summer and prepare for the inward energy of winter.

During the Autum Equinox,

… the mystic walking the path must descend into the Abyss to face their own inner darkness, to prepare for the birth of the gods of light within, celebrated at the winter solstice.

Does this sound familiar?

Yesterday a friend and student asked me if it was normal for her not to feel like going out. Most of the time we are more likely to expand our energy, truth is, it is absolutely important to also surrender to those moments of contraction, to appreciate them as part of the journey. To realize that everything is perfect just as it is.

Throughout the days, we have been emphasizing on how essential is to go inwards, to inhabit our low vibrations, because they are a part of our human experience. Autumn Equinox is a time of great essence when the veil between the worlds is thinner and we can tap into this by harvesting our inner growth and healing through meditation and contemplation. The dynamic of life is one, and it promises brighter days of expansion after greater days of contraction. Just breathe, accept, let go, be.

** Inspired by the articles: The Spiritual Meaning of the Autumn Equinox and Spiritual Light and Darkness, Celebrating the Equinox…

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