Weekend’s Activities

El Yunque Retreat

Taken by Josemil Rodríguez

100 Layers from God will be using many of the same themes and techniques of Tantra & Shamanism to achieve our goals of healing and shedding layers of fear & blockages that we may reach our goal of unity, oneness & healing.

Three days of a building up, beginning to work from the primal state of the human being through a chakral journey up to the spiritual being. Making use of physical practices such as hatha yoga and creative movement, breath work, meditation, and, ultimately visualization work.


INTRODUCTION TO 100 LAYERS FROM GOD (Tantric Spirituality)

We begin our journey together here, as we go over the concepts and ground rules of this exciting new spiritual game that is designed to get us all to a place of healing, balance and oneness with ourselves and our creator. In the space of 3 days, you will witness miracles & breakthroughs and be transformed.

INNER CHILD: We believe is essential to heal our inner child in order to enjoy a fulfilling life according to spirit. Mostly when approaching a Tantric Way of living, we need innocence, wonder, opening, love… as children.

CORE MEDITATION: This powerful meditation is at the core of all of Peters’ healing work. It is found in numerous spiritual practices and cultures around the world. We have focused and distilled the essence of it to make it easy for beginners while still being profoundly potent for advanced practitioners.

CONCEPTION VISUALIZATION: Deep resting meditation where we connect with the moment of our conception, with the reason we chose of coming into this body to live in this moment of time. Marién will lead an abbreviated form of this relaxing, yet powerful meditation to get us into the space of the weekend.





Short sequence of yoga postures to help the body wake up to a new day by increasing blood oxygenation, stretching and toning the muscles, clearing the elimination channels, stimulating and toning up the internal abdominal organs, and increasing spine and waist flexibility. Mentally preparing us to better focus and concentration. Reducing depression, anxiety and stress, and increasing a “good mood” for a better mind to body coordination. Plus it feels so good!

Earth Changes and Spiritual Awakening VISION QUEST

It’s normal to fear change. We are now beginning to go through some of the greatest changes we have ever known, both personally & globally. It can bring up a great deal of fear and discomfort.

We will take a physical & spiritual journey up a sacred river into El Yunque rainforest where we will face our fears, release them and replace them with the divine vibration and universal sound of love and unity.


We will connect directly with the greatest sources of power & energy in our world, then use that energy to heal & transform not just ourselves, but others in our life and even the rest of the world.


The ancient wisdom of Tantra teaches us that sexuality is beautiful and sacred. Using different Tantric techniques, this 4 hours class will help both men and women strengthen their sexual energy and learn to control it for a greater sense of power and pleasure. We will cover the role of energy in the body, how Tantric sexuality differs from the Western view of sexuality, how to build and harness sexual energy, Tantric erogenous zones, and more.

Our main goal will be to work with the energetic and spiritual principles of Tantra, learning to take raw, primal sexual energy from its natural state and transforming it to a higher state of power, joy, love, wisdom, and ultimately, Spirit. This is a profound, transformative experience that can ultimately lead to a state of spiritual bliss.

*** TRIBAL DANCE WARM UP We will begin Tantric Sexuality with a warm up to prepare our bodies to receive such information through drums vibrations and freestyle dance.


Saturday, August 29th is Full Moon, we will celebrate by calling the energy of Grand Father Fire to close the day’s activities by sharing our experiences on the Vision Quest.

We will begin integrating with a supple transition with a Lemongrass tea to get ready for Sunday’s sessions.




Again, waking up to a new day with yoga!


We all want more love & harmony in our relationships. But how to achieve? There are 2 relationships in your life that will make all others fall into place: Self and God.

In this session, everything will come together as we bring love, acceptance and forgiveness to ourselves and God.


When you look into the mirror, what do you see?

Mirror meditation teaches us how to see ourselves in a new light — both inside and outside of our physical bodies — and exercise gratitude.

CLOSING CIRCLE (Medicine Wheel Ceremony)


We will connect directly with the greatest sources of power & energy in our world, then use that energy to heal & transform not just ourselves, but others in our life and even the rest of the world.


The White Tantric Healing Circle is in fact a powerfully transformational meditation technique. It dissolves subconscious blocks and old patterns that prevent people from enjoying their lives fully. The subconscious mind can release thousands of thoughts in blink of an eye. These thoughts, if unchecked, manifest negatively in the emotions and the physical body, impeding the quest for happiness and awareness.


The Conception Visualization will help us to complete, to clarify and to remember our True Calling and Purpose in Life. Allowing us to create new life strategies for our new Paradigm.

Moving forward into a Beautiful new world!

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