Past events

We have been offering healing and transformational events since 2007.

Please forgive this list being incomplete.



Rest, recover, process & integrate

Jan 19-Feb 11 – Healing Sessions w Peter in Wisconsin

Jan 26 – Full Moon Meditation 7-9pm, HeartSpace, Thiensville, Wi


Feb 22-24 – 100 Layers from God – weekend workshop in the El Yunque Rainforest of Puerto Rico


March 2 – 21 : 19 day fast in Puerto Rico


April 26, 7-9pm : Full Moon Meditation 

April 26 & 27 – Sacred Ceremonies w/ Grandmother Medicine in Wisconsin

April 24 – 30 – Healing Sessions w Peter in Wisconsin


May 24, 7:30-9:30pm : Full Moon Meditation  @ Veterans Park, Lakefront, Milwaukee, Wi

May 7 – June 19 – Healing Sessions w Peter in Wisconsin




In Wisconsin most of this month, available for massage,  individual healing sessions, and private retreats.

Jan 28, 10am-2pm –  The Taste of Health A Holistic Health & Wellness Sample Day – Peter will be there offering energy healing, massage treatments and spiritual counseling!


Feb 3-5  Tantric Healing Workshop in Milwaukee, Wi

Feb 17-19 Tantric Healing Retreat in Puerto Rico

Feb 23 – Medicine Wheel Ceremony in El Yunque


March 19, 8-10pm: Spring Equinox Meditation at Yama Yoga, 3rd Ward, Milwaukee, Wi

March 24, 9am – 5pm  Dare to Be Aware Fair  This is a lovely healing fair at the beautiful Mitchell park Domes in downtown Milwaukee. Peter will be there offering massage, energy healing, Chakra balancing and spiritual counseling.


April 2-17 Puerto Rico: Private Healing Sessions, El Yunque Vision Quest, Spiritual Secrets of Puerto Rico, etc…


Massage/Healing by DONATION only!      Through May 31 2012.

Private Retreats, Vision Quests, Massage and Healing Sessions in S.E. Wisconsin


June 14-23 – Summer Solstice Sadhana Celebration at Ram Das Puri in New Mexico!


July 19 – Aug 9 – White Tantric Massage / Shamanic Healing Sessions in Puerto Rico


August 2 –  El Yunque Sacred Spot Meditation/Initiation

August 10-12  – Sneak Pre-view of  100 Layers from God – A revolutionary new weekend workshop in the El Yunque Rainforest of Puerto Rico

August 31 – Full Moon Meditation – August Blue Moon – 8-10pm Cedarburg, Wi



September 28-30 – 100 Layers from God – weekend workshop in the El Yunque Rainforest of Puerto Rico


October 4 –  El Yunque Sacred Spot Meditation/Initiation

Oct 12-14 –  Tantric Massage Workshop    San Juan, Puerto Rico

Oct 19-21  – 100 Layers from God – weekend workshop in the El Yunque Rainforest of Puerto Rico


November 8 –  El Yunque Sacred Spot Meditation/Initiation


December 7-9 – 100 Layers from God – weekend workshop in the El Yunque Rainforest of Puerto Rico

December 14-22:  9 Day “End of the World” Retreat – Puerto Rico – This 9-day retreat is the spiritual adventure of a lifetime – for all of us! Using the healing power of Tantra, Shamanism & the Earth, we will visit the most beautiful and powerful places of Puerto Rico, bringing healing and joy to all areas of your life through Medicine Wheels and sacred ceremonies. Yoga on pristine beaches. Spiritual initiations in crystal clear ponds, below waterfalls in the mountainous rainforest of El Yunque. Meditate in ancient caves used for healing ceremonies for thousands of years. Culminating on 12/21/12 with a special Awakening Ceremony at the “Throat Chakra of the world”.

December 20-21 – Silent Vigil overnight at El Rossi/City of Light to celebrate Winter Solstice, the end of Piscean Age and the dawn of the Age of Aquarious.


Nov 11 – 11/11/11   Meditation on the beach . Click here…

Dec 21 – Winter Solstice Meditation. Click here…

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