Yunque Vision Quest

 Las Tinajas Sacred Spot  Meditation

Thursday Nov 8,  9am – 6pm

On the back side of El Yunque (south side of mountain) there is a sacred spot that has been used for ceremonies and initiations for thousands of years.

On Rio Las Tinajas,  access is private, but we will be guests of the local landowners.

For those who are ready, we will connect deeply with the spiritual energy of this place through Kundalini exercises and deep meditations, which include water meditations. We will connect with our ancestors, spirit guides and guardian angels in this sacred place of power. Also included is group healing session.


• Thursday Nov 8, we will meet at Hosteria del Mar in Ocean Park at 9am – RAIN OR SHINE. Then we will decide which cars to use for a carpool and by 10am, we will begin our journey to the mountain.

• Bring water bottle, snacks, swim suit, towel, change of dry clothes (in case of rain).

• Dinner will be provided at 4 or 5pm.

Be prepared for powerful dreams, visions and awakenings.


• Free will, Love Offering donation (suggested $30-$60/person) plus $20/pp for dinner to go directly to landowners.

• No one will be turned away (from any event) for lack of $$$.

To Register, add amount of donation in box, then click DONATE button below, or call Peter Ross Voigt 414-699-7333


Spiritual Secrets of Puerto Rico  –  Date To be announced

Many of us can feel a great spiritual power here on this island. Somehow, the power of the Earth comes to the surface here in a very concentrated way, even more than many other beautiful places. For those who are aware and capable of dealing with Prana (life force energy) this is a gift and a blessing. But for those blocked Chakras and incomplete energy bodies, this same blessing can make life very difficult & CRAZY!

Peter: “I will share what I have discovered about Puerto Rico and her spiritual significance for the rest of the world and all of humanity.”

We will also practice some Yoga & meditation techniques to learn how to embrace this amazing energy and integrate it into our bodies and our lives.

The last part of this class will be a discussion for people who are ready and willing to help in the awakening proccess of Puerto Rico, and how we can all work together to make a difference!

Cost: Free will Donation (suggested $10)


To Register, click DONATE button below, or call Peter Ross Voigt 414-699-7333

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