91 Days to go: Ode to Cedarburg

It’s only going to be 3 months, but I’m getting all sentimental about leaving my beloved home.

In the last 13 years, I’ve never been away from this place for more than 3 weeks.

It’s like an enchanted park where I live. So peaceful and lovely. Green and lush, there are many trees and ponds. In fact, it is right beside an actual park.

One can hear the breeze whisper through the leaves and the birds singing their songs. The neighborhood kids play in the street, and my boys’ school is right across the street.

People are very friendly and relaxed here. Even driving is so easy and stress free.

Cedarburg is a small town (population 10,000), and has that small town charm. It is surrounded farms and countryside. As I write, I can hear a coyote howl in the distance. Yet it is only a 30 min drive to downtown Milwaukee, with a world class art, music and theatre scene. Tomorrow my daughter sings with the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra.

I could wax on poetically all night long about the beauty, power and magic of Cedarburg and Wisconsin. But I wasn’t always so thrilled to be here.

While I did grow up here, I left as soon as I graduated high school to see the world. I haven’t been to most places, but since then I have lived in many amazing places: California; Oregon (on Mt. Hood); Aspen, Colorado; Kampala, Uganda.

So when I moved back to Wisconsin after more than a decade away, it was just a little too “nice” for my taste. Too normal, too domesticated, too suburban american. For several years after my return, I felt trapped in a place that did not feed my wild heart.

But that was my fault. I was not seeing beyond the surface and not connecting to the true spirit of this place.

It started gradually, as slowly I realized that there is some very special and powerful spiritual energy here in Wisconsin. I will not go into most of her secrets tonight, just a glimpse into my life here in Cedarburg.

The park is literally right at my front door.

Half a block will take you to the 3 guardians: 3 enormous weeping willows that form a portal into a higher frequency.

With the pond on the left and the woods on the right, we hike across the field to Grandmother willow. She is ancient, wise and compassionate, ready to share her love and teach us patience. She lives at the base of a very special hill.

I call it Ceremonial Hill. More ancient than Grandmother, hill has seen countless generations come and go. And has helped in the healing & awakening of many throughout the ages. We go to hill to pray and meditate, to play and stretch, to do Yoga and daydream. We go to hill on the full moon and on the Solstices and Equinoxes.

One such full moon, a young fox came out and came up to the top of the hill where a medicine wheel circle of about 13 souls were meditating. He circled our circle with his blessing, then disappeared into the night.

I saw fox just about every day over the next week or two. We became good friends. We danced together under the moon and he grabbed my hat, wanting me to make chase.

There are also many deer and birds and raccoons who live here and bless us with their powerful medicine. All in peace and in harmony.

Today at the hill, there was a flock of  canadian geese in the field. Before I left, they had all taken flight, heading south for the winter.

It’s time for me to follow.



92 Days To Go: Nature Healing

Fire • Earth • Water • Air

Have you ever felt nurtured by nature? Have you ever felt the loving care of nature’s womb? Have you ever felt the deep connection between Mother Earth and divinity?

Once upon a time I was lying down in surrender, letting the spirit of the earth to show me how deeply connected everything is. The illusion of separation is just that, an illusion. Also known as Maya. I was back to my mother’s womb. I could feel the beat of both her heart and mine. I was experiencing myself in a new body with no bone structure yet. I was being held, surrounded by pure Love. Little did I know things were going to change, as the miracle of life was to go along. Little did I know I was to experience that precise feeling of separation, I was to experience depression, sadness, pain, fear. I was going to live. Now Love was to be experienced through different sources, I just needed to open myself to it.

This was Nature’s Womb.

Waking up before dawn to meditate and tune with the realm of darkness just before morning light. To connect with the light of the Sun, to feel its rays coloring my skin, bathing me in its gentle fire, igniting also my inner fire. To touch the earth, moist, fertile, sensuous, beautiful, acknowledging its nurture properties. To go into the pure waters of the sea or the mountain, with the absolute conviction that I will be washed, purified, as my inner waters will be in resonance. To breathe with awareness, connecting with the prana of the air. To simply meditate as a child of the Earth.

The way of Shamanism is simply to go back to the intrinsic connection that Human Kind has with Nature. The four elements are a part of our instruments: our bodies. What a wonderful opportunity is to experience us through this avatar thing.

We have been conditioned to live in disconnection with Nature. Because being connected means being awakened, and the alternative is a system of beliefs that keep us plugged… ***You may finish the sentence now, let your consciousness fill the blank.***

The way of Nature is a magical/courageous one. A path to freedom. How about being back to it?

92 days to go.


93 Days to go: Why Puerto Rico?

I first arrived on this Island in October of 2007.

Since then I have been here approx 20 times, presenting as many workshops, as well as numerous classes, meditations, Vision Quests and individual healing sessions.

People ask me, why did you choose Puerto Rico?

I feel like it’s the other way around:  Puerto Rico chose me.

It was Fall of ’07, and I was seeking a new path for my life. While planning a personal vision quest to Sedona Arizona, I came up against some major road blocks.  At the last minute, the entire trip fell through.  I still wanted to go to the Southwest, but something kept blocking every avenue.  At the last possible moment, less than a week before my planned quest, an opportunity came to me, to visit Puerto Rico. I knew nothing about it, beyond being an island in the Carribean.  It’s not the desert, I thought, but it will do.

I was entranced by the intense beauty and vibrant energy of the island. The very first night I swam out about 1/4 mile from shore and floated in the warm water for hours under the stars  in the most extraordinary meditation. Right where the Caribbean sea meets the Atlantic. I was attuning to the frequencies of the island, the sea, the earth and the stars. It felt good. REALLY good!

I met a spirit contact, who promptly connected me to a Yoga retreat in the mountains (Samnyasin/La Finca). Everything flowed smoothly and 3 months later (Jan 08) I was back again presenting my first workshop in Puerto Rico, on Tantric Massage.

For some reason, the people of Puerto Rico really understand and appreciate my work. I feel very humbled by the love, acceptance and support I’ve received from my friends here. Thank you, thank you, thank you. It is a true blessing.  Because of this I have been returning to the island 3 to 4 times per year to present workshop, teach classes,  and offer medicine wheel ceremonies on the beach and the mountains. I also spend a good deal of time in private sessions.

One thing that really struck me from the beginning is the high level of spiritual consciousness on this island. There are so many people here who are very advanced spiritually, and very awakened. It is really inspiring to me. There seems to be a great deal of spiritual activity going on in this small island. In addition to all of the amazing people who already live on the island, there are a great number of spiritual teachers, Yogis and Shamans who come here on a regular basis. Over the past 5 years, I have discovered some AMAZING things going on here, many of which I have not shared yet. I believe that now may be the time. And this Blog may be the forum.

A sneak preview:

Just as our bodies have energy centers, known as Chakras, the earth also has Chakras that are roughly equivalent to those in our body.

I have recently become aware of a certain part of Puerto Rico that is said to be the throat chakra (Vishuddha) for the entire planet. This would explain the rapid rate of spiritual awakenings here. It is also said that PR is on the edge of the ancient civilization of Atlantis, and this site was used for purposes both good and selfish by ancestors that knew the secrets of energy. This place has been re-discovered recently and is now in the process of being cleared, balanced and healed. When the time is right, the world will once again benefit from the all healing powers of this extraordinary phenomena.



94 Days To Go: True Essence

By Junoon Designs

To write today’s blog has been a journey on its own. Sitting down, expecting the muse will come so that I can grab it by the tail for it not to leave me alone… is something. But muse versus what the energy wants me to go towards… that’s something else. This was the message that wanted to be conveyed -today’s blog about True Essence.

E.E. Cummings said that it takes courage to grow up and become who you really are… and I add to his understanding that indeed it takes courage because who we are has nothing to do with what we have been told. Who we really are has to do with a magnified understanding of self.

Have you ever found yourself taking decisions or acting in such conflict with your intuitive self that you end up at war within your own mind and body?

We already know that we have been taught certain things about ourselves and the world, right? The challenge is to discover what no other person can teach us: who we are at the very core of our beings.

The call for today is to be courageous. To bravely set out and discover who and what we are about- moment by moment- to think about what we really want and why.

Do we want our destinies to be clear in front of our own eyes? Well, what that implies is up to us. Therefore it’s time to look inward and start asking ourselves one of the big questions for the present times: who am I and what do I want?

Mahatma Gandhi said that Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in perfect harmony and alignment. Dare to be in harmony with your true essence! Dare to discover who you are, not what you have been told! Listen to your inner voice, your heart, when is calling for you… 🙂

94 days to go.

95 Days to go: Tantric Healing

Tantric Healing is an ultimate form of healing that goes beyond the physical.

Everyone wants to be healed of their physical pain and ailments, and there is nothing wrong with that. But Tantra is an ancient teaching of energy and spirit that reveals a greater reality.

That we are spiritual beings in a physical body. We are here on this earth for a reason. Each soul has a purpose and a mission in life, and many lessons to learn.
In addition to our physical body, we also have an energy body or “light body” composed of Chakras, Nadis, energy meridians, Aura & Kundalini. This light body is what supports the health & growth of the physical body, the emotional body, the mental body and the spirit body.

When something is out of balance, out of harmony or in a state of dis-ease, a solution can always be found in the light body. Any pain or problem in the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual part of you or your life can be healed and brought into harmony through the awakening & balancing of the light body. It is the future of human evolution. It is the complete integration of spirit with matter. It is also one of the primary concepts of the game (100 Layers).

Over 27 years, I have learned how to work with the light body and connect it directly to each of the elements. This is a very efficient and powerful way to activate, clear and balance the light body. In a private session I do that for my clients while they lie passively on the massage table in a deep state of relaxation. Connecting, opening and releasing to the deep power of the elements and Creator.

I love doing this work, and have helped hundreds, perhaps thousands over almost 3 decades. But I have been called to reach out and help many more. In an individual healing session, I do all the work for you, but in a workshop, I teach you how to do it for yourself. That is also the purpose of the book and DVD series.

Every day more people are connecting and awakening to their true powers.  It’s beginning to sound like popcorn!

I am called to help fill God’s popcorn bowl.

Are YOU ready to POP?

Can you hear the call?

95 days to go.

96 Days To Go: Innocence

“The innocence that comes from a deep experience of life is childlike, but not childish…

The innocence of children is beautiful, but ignorant. It will be replaced by mistrust and doubt as the child grows and learns that the world can be a dangerous and threatening place. But the innocence of a life lived fully has a quality of wisdom and acceptance of the ever-changing wonder of life.” Osho Zen Tarot

As I sat down to write this morning, I understood that energy wanted me to look for the Osho Zen Tarot. Without asking why or doubting, this Innocence message came up.

Many of us are going through very challenging times lately. Difficulties and pains on every level: emotional, physical, spiritual, psychological. Some of us are losing the very things we are most attached to. Could be our jobs, our health, our houses, our relationships, our freedom or autonomy. There’s no way we can compare ourselves with others pains, when what we fear most is different for all.

In 100 Layers From God, our reference is the present moment. How to get back to our innocence in such challenging times? How to find peace when in pain?

Dear ones, it is not impossible. The greater strength of the human spirit is proven in such difficulties. Our inner children are ready for us to get back to them and heal their pains. We just need to play. We need to live fully every single moment, be it difficult or joyful. We need to look into the mirror and love what we are seeing. Not only the mirror in our room, but the mirror of circumstances or the people in our lives, what they reflect back to us.

Yes… we need to play, let’s do it together, shall we?

96 days to go.


97 Days To Go: What is real?

Have you ever awoken from a bad dream, with great relief that it was only a dream, and it wasn’t real?

This is perhaps how the human soul feels upon physical death, when it is released from the bonds of body and mind.

100 Layers is a game, but it is based on the true spiritual teachings of three traditions. Approximately 5,00o years separates the ancient wisdom of Tantra and Shamanism from the most recent divine revelation of Baha’i. Yet they are all saying the same thing: There is a greater reality that exists beyond the physical world. We cannot see, hear or touch it with our physical senses, but if one is very still, you can feel it in your heart. In fact, this is a concept shared by virtually all religions and spiritual teachings around the world.

This can be a little difficult to wrap your mind around. On one hand, we are told that this “spirit realm” exists all around us, not confined by time or space, and it is unbelievable beautiful. On the other hand, we are also told that it is beyond our ability to comprehend. No words can convey the richness and beauty of what the mind cannot conceive. Yet this invisible, unknowable realm is part of the ultimate goal of life. It is what gives up hope and motivates us (if you are good, you will go to heaven).

We know that this is more than just a story or a myth from the many documented cases of Near Death Experiences (NDE’s). People whose physical bodies have shut down and were clinically dead for some amount of time, and then somehow revived have reported an awareness of experience beyond the physical body. In most cases there is a great abundance of love and light, often meeting departed relatives and loved ones.

While most people wait until their time comes (physical death), spiritual masters of all traditions have told us that it is possible to connect with that realm of spirit before we leave our body. More than possible, they say that it is the ultimate achievement of being human. It is the purpose we were created for, to awaken to our true nature a spiritual beings and to connect with the Spirit realm and the Creator of all.

We see this happening all around us these days. Don’t you know many people who already have this awareness?

Truly, this kind of awaking is a matter of degree. It’s one thing to have an awareness of this concept, and another thing to really believe and accept it. Then something else all together to live your life based on a reality you cannot see with your eyes.

The thing is, if you can do that, then life becomes really, really good. If you can harmonize the energy of your life with the energy of the spirit realm, you will have a life full of ease, joy and abundance.

This is the goal of 100 layers, and it is the promise of all the divine teachings and spiritual masters who have made it there before us.

We are working with the energy of the earth  and other elements to reach our goal. We are also working with the energy of the times.

This years Winter Solstice, 12/21/12,  is the end of an old cycle and the beginning of an age of spiritual awakening.

It is the destiny of all humanity, including you.

97 days to go.



98 Days To Go: God

Reflection about God.

Yesterday morning I found in my inbox a beautiful writing piece about Zen spirituality.

It made sense, and rang true to my ears by illustrating how Zen does not confuse spirituality by thinking about God while peeling potatoes, but realizing that spirituality is about the act of peeling potatoes -not quoting but interpreting Alan Watts thinking.

This one brought a current reflection about the 100 Layers From God title.

You all know how this program came to life, we’ve been telling about the story, mostly because is a beautiful point of origin. Really not intending to act as some sort of New Age evangelist, even though that’s possibly how all of this could be perceived. Allow me to speak my mind in regards to this.

New Age? Aquarian Age. Winter Solstice marks the pinnacle of change between the Piscean Age and the Aquarian Age due to the astral movement/alignment.

Because of this movement, the earth as part of it and human beings as the earth inhabitants, we are exposed to these changes, therefore we also experience changes. Ages are characterized by character traits. By changes in the collective consciousness and psyche. Pisces was an age of faith. Aquarius is an age of experience. Also an age of integration.

Well, yesterday morning as I was reading http://www.highexistence.com/look-into-your-mind/, the message was to acknowledge how important is to read, to learn, to listen. But most important is to get off our comfort zone and really exist. That’s the opportunity of the  Aquarian Paradigm. To exist, to experience, to be.

But, God? Lets go back to this.

God: a term used to describe divinity. And we all have our perceptions about what is God and how to relate to it, right? For us? Let’s speak about the Source. To experience the source through our human processes. And when I say human processes I mean, existence.

No, is not our intention to preach, if you are a christian, a believer, or an atheist (first, thank you for reading), you can always find your way through this, over this, or out of this.

100 Layers From God is about peeling layers that keep us separated from the divine spark in all of us. This can be bold for some, nevertheless…  To aim for our highest potential as human beings is what this is all about. To find ourselves as precious, as brilliant, as healed, as freed, as children of the Source, as the Source itself. To exist, to experience, to BE.

With this I say hasta mañana… There’s a saying by a beloved guru I will always refer myself to:  “if you don’t see God in all, then you can’t see God at all”, Yogi Bhajan, Aquarian Teacher.

98 days to go.

99 Days to go: A vision for the future

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

That’s the traditional wisdom. It’s good sound advice, and smart.

Too bad I’m not following it.

At the risk of mixing metaphors, I’ve hitched my wagon to a star and put all of my eggs in a basket that’s in the wagon.

When the vision (of 100 Layers) came to me, it was as if it had already happened. Like it was a done deal. I was living and experiencing a future thread of my life.

I was in the mountains of central Puerto Rico, attending a very powerful & sacred Shamanic ceremony. In the midst of my journey, I could see several possible future threads, but this is the one that really called to my heart and made my spirit sing. I was doing my work. My healing work, with individuals and groups. Classes, workshops, tropical retreats, as I’ve been doing for the past 26 years of my life, in one form or another. But it was presented in a different way. A way that the average person on the street could understand and appreciate, without the new age jargon and superstitious mysticism (well, maybe a little). The Vision was like watching a rose bloom, only the rosebud was my life. As it opened up I could see, understand and even experience more of what was occurring.

It came to me so simple and elegant. So clear and precise: 100 Layers from God.

It was a vision from the realm of spirit. A possible future which already exists, on some level. In this future I am doing my work on a much larger scale than ever before, reaching hundreds and thousands of people. There is a book, and a DVD set. They all work together with the classes, workshops and healing sessions to form a beautiful and intricate tapestry of light, color, sound and love. I am so happy, content and at peace. I am helping so many people, and making a real difference in their lives and the world. Abundance flows all around me and through me. A great abundance of joy, love, money and time. There is no stress and no fear. Everything is in Divine Order.

This is the basket that holds all of my eggs. This is the star that is guiding my wagon.

It is true that visions, like dreams, can have many different meanings and interpretations. I choose to believe that I was shown a glimpse of a real future, that is attainable. Not just for me, but for my children, my family, my dear friends, my clients and ultimately for everyone.

The world is changing. Faster that we can imagine. What if it’s true that we are really at the end of a 6,000 year cycle of civilization? The end of the Piscean age, and the beginning of the Age of Aquarious. What if it’s true that the changes are more than just physical, and we are all going through a process of awakening, along with the Earth? Are you ready?

The thing that I love the most about 100 Layers, is that it’s a game. We can have fun with it. There is no right or wrong way to do it. You can’t screw it up. But if we just play along, we can have a great time and quite possible step into a future that is perfect for us in every way: our destiny.  100 Layers says that you can have that.

By 12/21/12

Only 99 days to go.

100 Days to go : candid intro & intimate thoughts about 100 Layers

What in the world made us embark on such an adventure?

I met Peter Ross Voigt in a Tantra Workshop he held in San Juan , PR in 2009. It was not until February 2012 that we really connected as partners. At that time, we went together to a shamanic ceremony from which 100 Layers From God was born. It was being revealed to Peter as my voice was being returned to me, after several years.  He was channeling a Vision, showing a different approach to his work, as I was channeling the depths of my own voice through mantra chanting:

Sal… Sal… Sal… Sal… (Gigi VJ, D’Kuna)
Que El Eterno Sol te Ilumine… (Kundalini Mantra)

(May the Longtime Sun Shine Upon You…)

Without knowing in the moment, we started our work together.

But, what in the world made us embark on such an adventure?

Why Tantra? Why Shamanism? Why Baha’i? Why strive so hard? Why bothering?

 For most people, life is just a string of events creating a thread to endure the daily survival of life. This is automatic living.

For some others, life is a playground. An opportunity to rise up every single day under the light of opportunity and possibility. These people seek a meaning beyond what they are being told by the outside world. These who deep inside know there’s something more to life. These are the ones who look, or want to look, inwards in order to find the answers to the very core of their existence.

We say there are 100 Layers separating us -as human beings- from the point we are now, vs the point we yearn to be. (Layers of stress, anxiety, anger, pain, guilt, shame, sadness, frustration, apathy, loneliness, competition… FEAR.)

We claim it is our birthright to live a rich full life, with feeling and meaning.

Peter and I have been practicing in this playground, using Tantra, with its approach to a sacred relationship. First individually, then together, finally, with our creative Source (God). This has been a beautiful answer for both of us.

Also Shamanism, with its direct approach to Nature and its healing powers has been part of the answer.

The final piece of the puzzle, Peter has found, blending the ancient wisdom of the past with a new vision for the future is Baha’i, with its universal approach to all ways of faith around the globe.

We have found a way to live a fulfilling life according to the present times, and we want to share that which we have found with those who can also feel this call.

But, truuuuuuly, what in the world made us embark in such an adventure?

And I speak for myself now… What made me embark in such an adventure?

It was FEAR.

Fear of my own voice, fear of not being heard, fear of my loved ones feeling unsettled or threatened by the things I dare to say through this work, fear of competition, fear of rejection, fear of my cat to have a fleas infection, fear of my dreams, fear, fear, fear… Oh yes, Mr. Fear, the one who knows how to knock on your door consistently, persistently, intensely.

It was in the middle of sorrow that LOVE came to me“… La Mamma Morta, María Callas and Umberto Giordano.

All I needed to do was to find myself face to face to Mr. Fear, the one we’ve been living with for many years now, and realize that that which we resist is what persists.

So, here I am, with so much to say. Swan diving forward. Loving every single reminder as we walk this path. Knowing these are the times for us to dare to live our destinies. It is not about fear anymore, is about feeding the Love that comes from doing what we are supposed to do. Is about facing the fear and doing exactly that very thing that scares us the most. Is about combustion. Is about accepting that we have a part to play in the great web of life. Is about Love. Unconditional Love.

Our universe is vast, and tolerant, acceptance, opening, respectful of each others point of views, personal experiences and paths. That is what we aim for when speaking of Tantra, Shamanism, and Baha’i teachings.

We, just like you, have been finding our ways as we walk this path. And what we are sharing comes from our life experience. We are not different from you, and we welcome you to embark yourself on this journey along with us.

If you feel the call, if you understand your inner atmosphere is ready, then please join us.

100 days to go.

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