FIA Volunteers & Officials

The Volunteers and Officials Commission is committed to, and responsible for, examining, supporting and facilitating the ASNs in all matters relating to the recruitment, training, accreditation, education, safety and retention of volunteers and officials across all levels of motor sport.

Thanks to the expertise of these members, a few years after its creation, the Commission published Appendix V to the International Sporting Code. This document brings together everything pertaining to the role of Volunteers and Officials in motor sport.  

The text aims to harmonise the rules at the national and international levels, and act as a tool for ASNs to facilitate their management of Volunteers and Officials. It also endorses the licensing structure.

In addition to this regulatory document, the Commission published the FIA Officials Competency Framework a few years later to detail the technical and behavioural competencies required to perform the various roles that officials hold during motor sport competitions.

Furthermore, every year, the Commission honours volunteers and officials from around the world during the Volunteers Weekend.

Information is available for the ASNs a few weeks in advance so that they can all take part in this celebration, which reminds us that the sport would not exist without the devotion of motor sport volunteers.

You can find out how to get in touch with your national club at the link here 


FIA VOC Safety Campaign

The Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile in collaboration with the FIA Volunteers and Officials Commission (VOC) is launching a campaign aimed at raising awareness of safety issues among our group of marshals and officials. 

While the FIA Volunteers and Officials dedicate their time to the safety of our competitors and spectators, the new campaign launched today aims to switch the focus to the safety and well-being of our volunteer community themselves.

Under the theme of Keep Watch. Keep Safe. the campaign provides 10 Golden Rules to ensure that Volunteers and Officials, particularly our marshals, adhere to best practices in order to keep themselves safe when on duty.

The 10 visuals dedicated to this campaign are available in several languages.