We offer many ways to play the game!

Our philosophy: Life is a game. Healing & transformation can be fun & joyous. Pain & sadness exist in the world and in our hearts, so we do not deny it, nor run away from it, but rather embrace it, love it and then balance it with fun, joy & happiness.


 We offer several ways for you to heal, transform and reach your highest potential: 

Healing Massage, Bodywork & Energy balancing w/ Peter

Yoga w/ Marién

Healing/Instructional Workshops & Classes

Tropical Retreats



Private & Group meditations on Full Moons, Equinoxes and Solstices

Private & Group Vision Quests at Power Spots around the world

Sacred Ceremonies with Grandmother Medicine

Mens Groups w Peter

Womens Groups w/ Marién

Dance & Theatre w Marién


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