We consider money to be sacred energy.

Just like LOVE

More than happy, we are committed to be of service.

Some souls have access to greater amounts of cash energy than others, and their kindness and generosity helps to balance things out and ease the burden of those who struggle with less. Others necessarily can not afford certain services or programs. It is important to us that the divine healing energy is available to all who are in seek of it.

Based on real necessity we are more than committed to be of service by opening our work on a donation or exchange basis.

More importantly, we want to open pathways to the power of affirmation for every single soul interested in our work.

“My life is blessed with an abundance of love, light, and money resources from every side and through me.” ~~~ 100 Layers

“My good comes from everywhere, from everyone” ~~~ Louis Hay.


Thank You

for your kindness


Thank You

for your generosity


Thank You

for your LOVE!


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