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A licensed Massage Therapist, Energy Healer and Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE), Peter has been practicing and teaching classes and workshops on Tantra, Meditation and Massage for over 25 years, all around the world. His personal practices include Tantra, Yoga, Tai Chi, Shamanism and Baha’i. Unique and refreshing, Peter’s style goes beyond the mystique often associated with spiritual pursuits, as he breaks it down in a fun and entertaining way, yet extremely effective for everyone, even if they have no experience at all with Yoga or meditation. His students include complete beginners to professional healers and Yogis.

At the beginning of 2016, I was contacted to provide a “Tantric Intimacy Seminar” for the participants on a Fox TV reality show: “Coupled”. 

They assured me that it would not be lurid or sensational, but they wanted something that would help the new couples to connect on a deeper lever as they are on this journey, seeking love (and fame). That is perfect, I thought, right up my alley. Originally, we were looking at a full day seminar: 6 hours of workshops, but because of the production schedule it was reduced to 2.5 hours total. That was ok. While it was a bit rushed for my standards, we were able to do about half a dozen Tantric exercises and I believe that all of the goals were achieved. The couples were able to attain a greater level of closeness and intimacy while learning something about the spiritual origins of Tantra. The network got the engaging footage of people stepping outside of their comfort zone to learn and experience something new and exciting.

I am currently living on the island of Puerto Rico with my wife and daughters, offering White Tantric Massage, Energy Healing Sessions and Tropical Retreats.

Also available for consulting on other programs and offering similar workshops and seminars for the show and/or the production staff to help create a greater sense of cohesion and unity.

Below is the original proposal submitted to COUPLED, with the various options and services I provide. Please contact me at  or 4 1 4.6 9 9.7 3 3 3 

FOX Television Proposal

I have many years of experience teaching groups about this subject matter, but I’m also open to working with the director & producer to create something that will be perfect for this particular situation.

I was told that the filming would occur in one day, over a period of approximately 3-4 hours. My initial idea was to model it after a one day Tantra Retreat. It’s a fun, relaxing day that includes some teaching & explanations, but mostly experiential exercises and practices. 3 hours in the morning, a leisurely lunch and 3 hours in the afternoon. I’m not sure that you’ll have time for that, but I’m including a full day’s activities on the next page, so you can decide what there will be time for and which exercises will work best.

I am aware that you are looking for something compelling and stimulating for your viewers. This we can do, no doubt. But my primary commitment is to the participants who I will be teaching. I will be there for them, helping to open up their hearts and minds to greater possibilities of love and intimacy in their lives. Helping them also to feel more at peace and at ease with themselves and the entire process of this program.

We would start with a short “Intro to Tantra” for all of the participants together, in a group setting, very much like one of my workshops. A beautiful location on the beach would be nice, with pillows and silk scarves. Maybe even tiki torches, if we could do it at night. It would be a relaxed, friendly meeting to get to know one another and begin to build trust. We would all introduce ourselves and try to set everyone at ease before we jump into the deep end of the pool. After all, if you’re wanting to build intimacy, there is no more powerful tool than Tantra.

While Tantra has become a buzz word in recent years, usually related to intense marathon sex, it is important to understand that there is much more to it than that. It is a vast spiritual philosophy and practice that has many different facets and expressions. Sacred Sexuality is indeed one of the paths, meditation another. Ultimately, the goal is complete union with The Divine. In Tantra the path to that can be found through human love and intimacy, if one is willing to open their heart.

Ideally, I’d like to take 30-60 minutes with the group to cover the very basics of Tantra and what they can expect from the day.

That would be followed by a Q/A session and then a short break before we begin with some of the Tantric exercises. Most of these will be done in a group setting, however there are a few things that are more individual, just between the couple.

Tantric Exercises

I am including many different exercises. You can choose which would be most suitable for everyone.

I. Morning Session

Intro to Tantra (possibly done the night before – for the excitement and mystique of an evening session)

Mirror Gazing – The same as eye gazing, but looking into a mirror at your own eyes. Tantra teaches that before you can truly know and love another, you must know and love yourself.

Many people feel uncomfortable at first, but after a few short rounds, they become much more comfortable and at peace with themselves. This, of course, makes it much easier to be with another.

Eye Gazing – A longtime Tantric standard, eye gazing is a very simple yet profound way to open one’s heart to another, get past the surface facade and connect on a deeper, more spiritual level.

It can, however, be a bit overwhelming for beginners, very sensitive people or those who are with partners they do not know or trust very well. For this reason, we start off very slow and easy, coming back to it several times throughout the morning. The first round is only 1 minute of Gazing, eventually building to 5 minutes of uninterrupted gazing by the end of the morning session

Heart to Heart – Much of Tantra is simply tuning into the things that are always present, yet overlooked, such as the inner rhythm of our own heart. The heart is a metaphor for love, and modern science is now confirming that it has an energy field, wisdom and intelligence of it’s own, apart from the brain.

We begin by closing our eyes and going within to feel our own heartbeat. Taking our pulse via the wrist and the neck. Then placing our hand over our heart, we tune into what is present there. Many people hold onto a lot of sadness and fear. This must be released before they can open their heart to another to give and receive love. We will do a simple meditation to clear and heal the heart.

Then, with a clear and open heart, we will turn our focus to our partner. Following the same path we took with ourselves, we feel their pulse in the wrist, the neck and placing each others hand over the others heart and feeling what is present and the heart connection between themselves. If they are feeling comfortable enough, it will culminate with taking turns resting one’s head on the other person’s chest to hear the beating of their heart.

Blindfolded trust walk – Taking turns, one person will guide their blindfolded partner around a predetermined area (beach). Communication is non-verbal (no talking).

In addition to building trust, this helps to open up the other senses. To see through our “3rd eye Chakra” and begin to develop telepathic communication.

A fun twist to this exercise is to lead the blind one to hidden treats around the area, such as chocolate or cool coconut water.

Blindfolded trust swim – If we have access to a safe sandy beach with warm, calm water, then the trust walk can continue into the sea, with the seeing partner leading the blindfolded one into the water and eventually helping them to float on their back until they can relax fully.

This exercise will complete with 5 minutes of eye gazing.

Lunch Break – 1 Hr

II. Afternoon Session

Medicine Wheel Ceremony – This is a brief, but profound ceremony, where we honor the 7 directions of our world, Mother Earth, and our relationship to the air, water & fire of the sun. We also acknowledge the spiritual beings who help us on our journey of life: Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides, Ancestors, Saints, Prophets and ultimately the One. Creator.

This will prepare us for the next step.

White Tantric Healing Circle – a guided group meditation where we all lie down in a circle with our heads pointing to the center. It is deeply restful and healing experience, where we all open ourselves to the healing power of the natural and spiritual world around us, releasing pain, fear, anxiety, guilt and shame so that we are more open to embracing the true nature of ourselves and our partner.

White Tantric Massage Intro – Many people have never given (or even received) a massage, so they often have feelings of anxiety and inadequacy with the idea. When you add the idea of “Tantric” to the mix, that can just add to the trepidation.

So before we begin with anything, I address their fears and help them to let go.

Anyone can do massage. It’s the easiest thing in the world. We practice several basic moves on our own bodies to gain confidence.

We also discuss how “White” Tantric Massage is completely non-sexual, so there is no pressure and nothing to worry about. (However we may want to add an optional session later, for those interested in “Red” Tantric Massage for Lovers).

White Tantric Massage Practice – In addition to the basics of how to give a good back rub, neck/shoulder rub & foot rub, we will learn how to clear the Aura, boost the energy and give a light touch, sensual massage.

Closing Circle – To complete the day, we will each take turns sharing what we learned, experienced and how we are now feeling about ourselves, our partners and the program. The goal is to experience a feeling of openness, love, comfort and safety.

III. Additional Optional Sessions

Meditation Basics – An important part of Tantra, most people who have never meditated can be intimidated by the mere thought of it. Some may have tried certain techniques in the past, but not really connected. In this session, we strip away the mystique and practice several basic techniques that show now only how simple meditation can be, but also fun & invigorating!

Sacred Sexuality – The ancient wisdom of Tantra teaches us that sexuality is beautiful and sacred. Using different Tantric techniques, this class will help both men and women strengthen their sexual energy and learn to control it for a greater sense of power and pleasure. We will cover the role of energy in the body, how Tantric sexuality differs from the Western view of sexuality, how to build and harness sexual energy, Tantric erogenous zones, and more.

Our main goal will be to work with the energetic and spiritual principles of Tantra, learning to take raw, primal sexual energy from its natural state and transforming it to a higher state of power, joy, love, wisdom, and ultimately, Spirit. This is a profound, transformative experience that can ultimately lead to a state of spiritual bliss.

Red” Tantric Massage for Lovers – Without actually performing the act, we will talk about how to give an erotic massage of a lifetime, that your partner will never forget. Not for the shy, we will discuss in detail how to perform a Yoni & Lingham massage, and the spiritual benefits of eroticism.

Vision Quest – For Individuals, couples or groups, we take a journey (physical AND metaphorical) to a remote Power Spot. Using the power of the Earth, along with the other elements, we enter into a deep state of meditation (altered consciousness) with the goal of connecting with the spirit realm to receive help and guidance in our lives. Miraculous things can happen when you open up to spirit.

Kundalini Power Workout – A 1 hr workout that incorporates Yoga and Energy Meditation with traditional exercises, such as push-ups, crunches, squats, hand-stands, etc. It is a strong workout that can be done gently or intensely. The difference is how we use our breath and intention to tap into the power of the Earth, Sun, Sea & Air, to supercharge our Chakras and physical body at the same time.

White Tantric Massage: Receive a complete session – The best way to learn is to receive!

This world class massage is unlike anything you’ve experienced before. Combining a deep tissue massage with breathwork and energy healing will transport you to a whole other dimension, while accelerating your spiritual & healing journey.

For more information, please contact me at  or 4 1 4.6 9 9.7 3 3 3

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