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Welcome to the first official web page for Rossi Foundation / City of Light.

One of the Primary Chakras of the Earth, El Rossi, in Puerto Rico, is known to be one of the most powerful, sacred and healing places on our planet, resonating with human throat Chakra: Vishuddha.

See Winter Solstice Event: 12/21/12

Background Theory

The Gaia Theory is a scientific hypothesis that sees the Earth as a self regulating organism with systems that mirror that of the human body. For example, the forests are the lungs of the planet, the water her blood and the wetlands are the lymphatic system that purifies & cleanses.

Just as human beings have a light body, consisting of Chakras, Nadis, Meridians, Aura & Kundalini, so also does our planet have an energy body that corresponds roughly with our own.

The truth is that our planet has millions of energy centers, known as Earth Chakras, but they are all regulated by just a few Primary Chakras, just like our human light body.

Most of the main Earth Chakras are well known, such as Mt. Shasta in California, Lake Titicaca in  Peru/Bolivia, etc.

But one of these Primary Chakras has been long forgotten, and only recently re-discovered after being dormant for approximately 10,000 years.

 The history of Rossi

To summarize in the most rudimentary way:  A spiritual healer from NYC, Josephine Rossi was born in 1900. In her late 20’s, her newly wed husband was stricken and died. After that, the Ascended Masters (St Germain, El Morya, Jesus) began to appear to her and teach her the ways of Spirit and healing. She became well known as a powerful and effective healer in New York City. In 1949 her spirit guides/masters called on her to travel far from her home to complete a spiritual mission so great, the fate of the world depended on it. With very little practical information, she was directed to the island of Puerto Rico, where she was to find a long lost sacred site. After 18 months of searching, she finally finds the site and discovers that it is one of the Primary Earth Chakras, that was corrupted and blocked by black magicians during the times of Atlantis.

It took her 7 years to clear and balance the energies that were out of harmony.

With the old energy cleared and the Chakra once again awakened after 10,000 years, the healing energy just poured out of the mountain.

It did not take long for the word to spread, and before long, people were coming from all over Puerto Rico. It is said that there was a main bus line running from Arecibo, directly to the Rossi Foundation. Reverend Rossi had created a center for healing and a spiritual school to teach the wisdom and guidance of the Ascended Masters. Sometimes there would be groups of 50 or more people up on top of the mountain for prayer, meditation and healing. Eventually, she built benches for people to lie down upon and a tin roof for shelter from the tropical rains.

A typical session may have lasted about an hour, with people going into a deep state of relaxation and opening up to the powerful healing energy of the mountain, the epicenter of one of the most powerful Chakras on the planet. When they came down from the mountain, many found that they were healed of so many various ailments. Physical pain and disease seemed to disappear. There are stories of people coming from all around the world, as far as India (where even today, spiritual pilgrims still show up occasionally to visit the sacred mountain of the Masters that had once healed one of their ancestors). These people heard of a place of great spiritual energy where it was possible to be healed of all sorts of afflictions. Word had spread beyond the borders of this small island, and so they came from all corners of the world.

Throughout the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s the people came and they were healed. Some had terrible, terminal diseases where their doctor had given up on them. Even they found healing and their lives were turned around in a most positive way. The blessings of Creator flowed freely here.

The only problem was that people took the physical healing without receiving the spiritual message that was being conveyed from the Masters. Reverend Rossi did her best to spread the word. She was telling people that we are on the brink of an entirely new age of human civilization, where spiritual strength is more important than physical, and we must prepare ourselves in every way to fulfill our highest human potential. We are spiritual beings and it is time now to awaken to our true nature. Not just to be aware of it – in an abstract sort of way, but to live each moment of our life from that place of spiritual truth and love for all beings.

This requires people to let go of past programming. To release the negative thoughts and feelings that limit us, in order to become something far greater.

Sounds wonderful, but the truth is that it is difficult and sometimes painful work that most people are not willing to do.

So they took the healing, discarded the message and went back to business as usual.

The public also stopped supporting the center. All of the healing work was done without any charge at all. Everything was based on donation.

In the 1970’s, Reverend Rossi was in her 70’s. Having spent her entire lifes savings on creating this center of light and healing, there came a time when the community support was very little. One story speaks of a group of almost 50 people receiving powerful, life altering healings, and then leaving only $5 in the donation jar. She needed to start selling off small pieces of land around the mountain just to keep up with the bills and maintenance.

By 1979, all types of energy had dwindled. At the age of 79, Josephine Rossi passed on to the world of spirit and light.

There were a few caretakers left behind. Steadfast and trustworthy souls who did their very best to keep the center open and the energy flowing. But this was now a cycle of YIN, where the energy lies low in the valley, after decades on the peak. They also did not have the physical or spiritual resources of the Reverend.

And so the world once again forgot about the sacred mountain of healing and light.




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  3. Hi, I recently visited the Rossi Foundation with a small group of lightworkers. We agreed to help and preserve this so important place and Rossi’s Foundation mision. We have only found just one caretaker so far. We appreciate very much if you can help us to find other peolple who has relevance with the place or some kind of information. Please send email to:


  4. Soy una de las disipulas de la Reverenda Rossi. Vivo en Chicago, IL, y quiero hacer un grupo local. Que necesito hacer?



  5. Hello,
    I have noted this site is from 2012, 2013. Is there work currently being done at Rossi site?
    Is there address, current contact information available?

  6. Nora

    Hello Rosy Foundation wad devastasted after Hurricane Maria. You can communicate with Don Juan at 787-566-3417. He lives in the Foundation, and also with Pedro 787-647-5657.

    The Foundation needs so much help to repair the damage after the Hurricane, but the Xoundation keeps giving service on Sundays.

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