12/21/12 Silent Vigil

We will honor this monumental passage in a sacred way

What: All night vigil to celebrate the Winter Solstice and the Dawn of the New Age of Humanity.
When: Thursday, December 20, arrive 12pm to help setup, or anytime before sunset. Silent Vigil begins at sunset (5:53pm) and continues until the exact moment of the Solstice: 7:12am on 12/21/12
Where: Throat Chakra of the Earth: El Rossi Foundacion / City of Light, San Sebastian, Puerto Rico
Who: All are welcome, especially indigenous persons and those who are of the Earth
Cost: Free to all. Love donations will be accepted for El Rossi Foundacion.

Spiritual Guidelines/Intentions
Following ancient tradition, the silent vigil is a way to strengthen and focus one’s spiritual energy. Staying up all night, going without sleep is another way, along with fasting. As you deprive yourself of your normal sources of energy, your body (& light body) become as a dry sponge, soaking up energy from other sources, such as sunshine and oxygen – and spiritual life force energy, known as Qi or Prana.

  • Open to all peoples and faiths of the earth
  • Non-denominational: “The paths are many, but The Source is One. All come from the same Creator”
  • No speaking after sunset
  • No food on the sacred mountaintop
  • No drugs or alcohol
  • No short pants
  • In the past, it has been said that the energy on the mountaintop is too powerful for children under the age of 7 yrs old, and it could have an impact on their brain. It is not known for certain if this is still true. Of course, children are welcome, but please be aware and follow your (and your childrens’) intuition.


Map & Directions

Main Page for City of Light

 Need a ride? Have Room for Others?


Thursday December 20, 2012

12 Noon – 3pm Voulunteer Check-in

3-4pm Public arrive for Vigil

5pm Opening Ceremony on top of Sacred Mountain

5:53pm – Sunset – Silent Vigil begins

Friday December 21, 2012 (12/21/12)

7:12am – Exact moment of the Winter Solstice, beginning of Age of Aquarius, celebration ceremony!

8am – Light breakfast below at Admin Center. Please bring your own bowls, spoons and mugs for oatmeal, fruit & tea.

9am – Cleanup. Asking for everyone to help in clearing and cleaning the sacred space.

11am – Depart and spread the light of the new age throughout the island and the rest of the world!

Calling for Volunteer Helpers

The Silent Vigil for the Winter Solstice is possibly the largest event ever held here at the sacred mountain.

We are a very small group (4 people) of committed individuals working hard to bring this energy to the world, but we cannot do it on our own. We need help. So we are calling on our community to help us spread the light. Click here for more info.

Correction from Natural Awakenings article: Although human beings can and do help to heal and balance the planet through our thoughts, intentions and love, this sacred site was created to heal humanity. Thousands of people have already been healed of all types of terrible & terminal diseases by this place, and many more will be in the future.

4 Thoughts.

  1. I just read about this in Natural Awakenings Magazine… Very interesting and I hope this really happens, we need it, PR need it. I’m from a very close town here in PR, I want to go there and participate.

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  3. And you are more than welcome to come and join us! The Foundation is getting ready, the intentions are getting stronger, the vibration, and unity, also.

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