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As I was searching through old e-mails, I found this one in the archives.

That’s when things started quickening and getting very intense. It’s only increased since then.


 April 1, 2010

As we just passed through the spring Equinox (March 20), we are entering a new phase in both the cycle of the earth and the cycle of our lives.
I feel as if I’ve been in spiritual Boot Camp for the past 2 months, and I know I’m not the only one.It began at the end of January with an amazing trip to Puerto Rico. Three of the most intense & fulfilling weeks of my life, filled with many profound healing sessions, classes, workshops, camping in the jungle and on the beach, new friends and old. It was capped off by a monumental discovery that blew me away and began to fulfill my life’s destiny. I experienced (& held) more energy than ever before in my life.

I had less than 2 weeks to recover from that epic adventure before beginning the Baha’i fast. 19 days of prayer, meditation, rising before dawn and drawing energy from another source, besides food & water. The last day of the fast was also the Spring Equinox AND an Inner Healing Fair that was exquisite.
That night was the Baha’i New Year.
Next day was an extremely powerful Sweat Lodge with my good friend Tom, George and 9 other brothers of light.
The day after that began the Kundalini Yoga intensive: Six days of rising at 3:45am to practice intensely for almost 3 hrs. 
Two days after that completed, I met the full moon
and she completed the program by opening Sahasrara (Crown) Chakra in a big way, taking things to another level, entirely.
That was two days ago. Since then the earth has come to life as spring burst forth in a gush of WARM weather and the expansive energy of life. Just as the mother is opening up and coming to life again, so am I.
Some people ask me      Why do I do this?    Why do I push myself so hard?    What is the point?
My answer:   This is my path.
I realized several years ago that my highest goal and purpose is to awaken to my true spiritual nature. To break free of the prison of self and desire.
I understood that in order to accomplish anything great and worthwhile (including raising up my children in a good way), I need to clear, strengthen and develop my own energy and spirit. If I want to help anyone else, I have to help myself first, to drag myself out of the mire of Maya, the illusion of self and the world. So that is what I am doing.
From the outside it may, at times, look like I am trying too hard. But in fact, I am simply accepting the opportunities that present themselves to me, on my path. It just so happened that the last couple of months have been extremely intense. Everything is quickening, including myself and my life.
I believe that many people are going through such awakenings, on many different levels as the energy of the earth and the age is quickening and rising.
Remember, my friend, there are several purposes for Boot Camp:
1) To go beyond the limits of what you know to be possible for yourself.
2) To break down resistance to growth and change.
3) To become stronger, and ultimately reach your full potential as a human being.
So after a very rigorous couple of months, I can truly say that it made a difference. I have more peace and clarity in my heart and in my mind. I have a greater capacity to hold energy (& LOVE). Most of all, I am beginning to see that after all that, there is really nothing to attain, no lofty goal to reach.
The real prize in spiritual growth is realizing that we already have everything we ever need. All we need to do is slow down, breathe and become present to the magic of the moment.

When you become completely present to where you are at right here and right now, then everything you need will be revealed.
Try it

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