Volcano – part II

Continued from the previous post, in which I relayed how I had discovered what appeared to be an ancient volcano while at Summer Solstice Sadhana  at Ram Das Puri in New Mexico.



Ram Das Puri

Saturday afternoon, the shuttle brought us back to the airport hotel in Albuquerque, where we were preparing to catch out flights home the next day. It had been an amazing trip! We were happy, content and filled with love. But the mystery of the volcano was calling to me.


That night, once again, I felt the calling, reaching out to me through my fatigue. I had to know what was going on. So instead of coming to bed, I was searching the web well past midnight. What I discovered blew my mind. Not only was the volcano real, but it was a well known and rare phenomenon. 


Valles Caldera  is a relatively young Super Volcano that is still considered to be active! It’s crater is almost 14 miles across. The more I learned, the more I was drawn to it.


What an amazing and powerful source of Adi Shakti energy! And right there, next to where we were living in the desert, and practicing our Kundalini Yoga.


The calling was stronger than ever. The next morning, I told Marién of my discovery. She also felt the calling. We decided to changed our plans and delay our departure for one day to explore. So we rescheduled our flights,  rented a car and began our search for the volcano.



On La Jara Dome, inside the crater of Valles Caldera

We made it into the caldera an hour before it closed. Just enough time to learn a little more about it from the ranger and practice our Adi Shakti meditation on La Jara Dome. It was absolutely perfect, and I was thrilled to have made it into the crater (caldera). I felt I had attained my goal. But the journey wasn’t over yet.

There are several known hot springs in the area, so I asked the ranger where to go. He told me there is one that’s the best of all, and gave me directions. It sounded simple enough. Like we could get to it that evening and still get back to a hotel in time for dinner and a good night sleep.


The rim of Valles Caldera. 6/29/14.

Instead we found ourselves following a dirt road into deep wilderness, right to the edge of the crater. Looking down sheer cliffs, we could see the hot springs down below, 900 feet, inside the volcano, but night fell before we could find the path down. So instead of the soft bed of Elk Mountain Lodge, we pitched our tent right on rim of the volcano,  just 10 feet from the edge of the cliff.


With the new day came a choice to be made: Hot Spring in the Super Volcano or catch our flight home. It was either one or the other.  We both had obligations and commitments, but the draw of Adi Shakti was too strong to resist, so the journey continued. It took us over an hour to find the way down into the volcano, then another hour to the springs. It was a steep and rocky path, but finally we made it.


The springs were divine, and for a moment we surrendered completely in the warmth of the waters of Pacha Momma, heated by the fire in her womb.



San Antonio Hot Springs, Valles Caldera. 6/30/14

It was an initiation.

Not just that exultant moment in the springs, but every step of the journey.

The night spent on the rim, the unsuccessful searching for the path down, the stress of renting a car, the 9 days of Kundalini Yoga and the months of uncertainty leading up to it.

The preparations, struggle and doubt. All of it leading to that moment of bliss. The attainment of a goal we didn’t even know of until 12 hours earlier.

Reaching the hot springs symbolized something much greater than simply a peaceful, relaxing soak in a tub.


I believe that this was the attainment of the next level of our lives. A higher frequency and a higher purpose. Serving the Mother. Helping and healing the Earth and her peoples.


We are here to help and to serve. The time is now. There is much work to be done and it is a great honor to be alive at this time.

Sat Nam!

Volcanic Vision Quest


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