Where is my power?

On my way home last night I heard that one of my friends got their power back. She was so happy and relieved. Her home is about one half of a mile from mine, maybe less, so it made me wonder if my home had power. It’s been almost two months without electricity, landline and internet, and life is definitely more complicated trying to compensate.

Yet, I found myself hoping that it was not back yet. For some reason that I did not fully understand in that moment, I felt like I was not ready for it to return. I did have a vague idea that I had not yet learned the lesson of this blackout, or maybe I wasn’t ready for the adventure to be over. To go back to “ordinary life”. Upon further reflection, another part of it is that I feel a longing to fully unplug that has not been realized yet. Like there is a rare opportunity here to do a full on, NO TECHNOLOGY, energetic reboot.

Unless you go into deep wilderness, or the open sea, we are constantly bombarded with all kinds of energetic pollution. From electromagnetic frequencies to microwaves. Radio & TV waves, wifi, cell phones, voice and data, etc, etc. Most of these pass right through your body – and your brain – every second of every day of your life, unless you escape them somehow.

For the first week or so, Puerto Rico went almost completely offline, and it was a true blessing. Still, more than a month later, many places on the island are entirely offline. Even here in San Juan, no electricity cuts out a lot of the pollution. Although other things have crept in.

For me and most of the people I know, we were never completely off line. Everyone has a smartphone and while the signals are weaker and the data slower, there was always a trickle of communication and being connected. By now, the signal at home is still pretty dismal. I have to go outside to talk or check email. There is usually enough of a signal to get data at night, but rarely during the day. But ATT has a strong signal in Condado, starting ½ a mile away, that provides plentiful data, fast enough to stream video.

It’s been a blessing to be able to communicate and get online at all. It’s kept me connected and even able to find a little work during these hard times. Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful for this. But there is a consequence. That is, during this period of blackout, where the entire country is unplugged, myself and many others in urban areas find ourselves more dependent upon our iphones and Galaxies than ever before. What was already an uncomfortable dependence has blossomed into full blown addiction.

I’m not necessarily saying that this is a bad thing. For me and most others it’s very needed. If I want to work, support my family, stay in touch w my kids and know anything about what’s happening on the island or the world, my phone is the way to do all of that. I even started writing a book recently, and while it is much more comfortable writing on my laptop, the power situation makes it more practical to write on my phone when inspiration strikes. Then there’s FB. I actually feel very good about this online community. These are people I know and love. I’m also careful to not get too caught up in drama or spending hours browsing. But I do spend some time there. When I add it all up, it’s a lot more than I’d prefer.

Getting back to my point, I do love to unplug sometimes. A weekend camping or a trip to a remote area. It feels really wonderful to turn off and leave behind the devices. Escape the energy pollution and connect to the frequency of the the earth and nature. It is cleansing and renewing.

So I feel like while the entire island has been unplugged, I have ultraplugged, and I’m feeling a need for a break. I want to take advantage of this time to come into a greater harmony with the natural frequencies of the island, the earth, myself and ultimately Creator.

So if the powers that be could just hold off another week or so while I take a few days to do that, I would really appreciate it.

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