Performance Factor

A new concept for the classification of Category 1 cars in hill climb.

The Performance factor (“the Pf”) is a new method of classifying the cars, aimed at making FIA Hill Climb Competitions as inclusive as possible.
From 2020, the FIA is introducing the Pf in the FIA European Hill Climb Championship, the FIA International Hill Climb Cup and the FIA Hill Climb Masters, contested by Drivers entering cars of Category 1.


The target:

  • all closed cars competing in Category 1 (Groups N, A, GT, S20, R1-R5) or in Group E1 of the FIA;
  • homologated or non-homologated cars;
  • cars coming from national groups;
  • cars coming from single-make series.


- To give the greatest number of competitors the possibility of entering FIA hill climbs in Category 1.
- To introduce a simplified, horizontal classification system (at all levels, including national groups and FIA groups) that is applicable to all national or international championships.
- To implement common and minimal technical regulations while harmonising the FIA safety prescriptions.

Performance Factor (the “Pf”)

Each car is identified by a number of performance points (the Pf) determined by the calculation of 5 components: “racing weight”, “engine”, “aerodynamics”, “drivetrain” and “chassis”.
At an FIA event, the cars are grouped in 5 different groups according to their performance level.

2023 Season

Before registering with the organiser of a FIA Hill Climb Competition, competitors and drivers must:
- have registered the entered car on the Pf website;
- have filled in the Pf Technical Sheet;
- have obtained the two Pf and PF-ID identifiers associated with the entered car.

In 2023, the Pf-ID number is a 8-digit code starting with Y4.XXX.XXXX


Pf Website

To obtain the Pf of the car, the driver fills in a technical form online. The online application handles the processing of the technical information and facilitates the use of the Pf formula (instantaneous calculation of the Pf). The procedure is free and personalised (around 40 fields to fill in). 

Test the Pf of your car on the Pf website :


2023 Technical Appendix - Category 1 cars

The Technical Appendix "Article 258-1" of Appendix J determines the eligibility criteria for FIA Category 1 cars. This document was approved by the World Motor Sport Council of 19 October 2022. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Pf Presentation (Concept of Car Classification - 2019 version!)

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